5 Ways to Run Your Day

“I feel like I am constantly putting out fires and never getting anything done!”

This, or some variation therein, is one of the most common frustrations I hear from prospective coaching clients. There’s nothing quite as defeating as working hard, going nonstop, then feeling like you have nothing to show for it. And if others literally have control of your schedule, you can very easily feel powerless in your own work and life. Read more

How to Prioritize, Pursue Goals, and Focus When You Have Many Interests

By Antoine Ribordy

“A man who limits his interests, limits his life.” ~Vincent Price

I can’t stay still.

As a kid, I ran around, misbehaving, climbing everywhere—I was a nightmare for my parents, teachers, and anyone who had to take care of me. One year, my behavior assessment report at school stated: “Leaves a lot to be desired.”

Through my teenage years, I suddenly quieted down. But my mind didn’t go silent; it still boils inside.

I crave stimuli. Any time I have a couple of minutes on my own, while waiting in the car or in a queue, for example, I take my phone out and start reading. Or I take notes, whatever keeps my mind busy. Read more

Do This to Double Your Productivity

When it comes to productivity, we often tend to think of it as how to get more done in less time. But getting more done doe not necessarily mean we will get the real results we want. In my view, productivity should be more about getting the most important things done, in the time when you are most energetic and at peak performance.

To accomplish that, a simple yet often neglected method is to form the habit of prioritizing your daily to-do list. I’d like to share a quick prioritization method I learned from a Brain Tracy’s book that has at least doubled my productivity.

Simply put, given any number of daily tasks, before we do anything about them, we first give each task or to-do item a tag, such as A, B, C, D, or E. Here is what each of them represents.

A – means this is a “A-list” task. It’s the most important thing for our goals, especially for the long term.

B – means “better get it done”. It’s something we should do, things other people or circumstances depend or wait on us. Or, if not done, it will surely cause us trouble or take more time to fix later.

C – means “carry on” task. It’s what we normally do to carry on with our life, to continue our work or projects, or routine tasks that we need to do, or daily chores etc.

D – means “delegate to someone else”. It’s for things that really should be given to someone else to do, and they also include things that we should check on others for status or results.

E – means “eliminate it”. This is something we simply shouldn’t do at all.

Once we have prioritized our tasks with these tags, sort them out and we will have a list starting with A tasks, then Bs, Cs, etc. With GoalsOnTrack, you simply give each task a Tag “A”, “B”, etc. Then on Dashboard page you can easily sort them by the tags.

Here comes the most import part of the whole idea. The real trick is to never work on B tasks, without first finishing A tasks. Never work on C tasks, without first completing both A and B tasks. So on so forth.

The benefit of working your daily to-dos this way is that you will get the most important things done first, when you are most energetic (because you haven’t wasted your energy on other less important or unimportant things yet). What’s more, if you happen to only complete half of your list, you still end up having the more important half done.

By routinely following this method, and making it a habit, you will immediately find your productivity and meaningful results you get at least doubled, if not more.