Achieving Your Goals With 3×5 Index Cards

By Josh Hinds

A common stumbling block I see standing in the way of people who would otherwise achieve their goals is that they simply stop focusing on them or move onto other things prior to completing what they were working on in the first place.

Did you get that?

Notice it wasn’t that they lacked the know how, but rather they lost focus. Read more

How to Live in Present while Achieving Your Goals

If you are fan of Eckhart Tolle, or have ready his book “The Power of Now”, you may wonder if what he preaches in his book or teachings can be helpful in achieving goals. I’ve been having the similar question as the one people asked him about in this video below.

At first, it can be very confusing. But after giving it much thought, I seem to understand that what’s important is perhaps not in how Echkhart Tolle’s teachings can help you achieve goals, but rather about how it can help with the reason or purpose behind the goals you want to achieve.

Anyway, it’s always a great pleasure to watch Echkhart Tolle speaks. Check out this video and let me know what you think.