The Scientific Way To Develop Better Habits

By Christy O’Shoney

When it comes to growing your career, being healthy, or simply living a balanced life, developing good habits seems to be the key. That’s why there are books, articles, blogs, and podcasts all dedicated to examining the habits of successful people. But even though these stories are inspiring, they often do little to teach us how to actually develop similar patterns in our own lives. Read more

Monday Resolutions Can Help You Stay On Track

By News Medical

Health-related goals such as losing weight, exercising and quitting smoking tend to top the list of New Year’s resolutions in America. Yet research shows that only 8% end up achieving their resolutions each year.

That’s why some health experts believe a more effective approach would be to follow New Year’s with a recommit strategy that capitalizes on the natural momentum of the weekly cycle. Read more

6 Easy Hacks For Achieving Your Health And Fitness Goals (Without Feeling Guilty)

By Abigail Murrish

Now that summer is underway, I’ve been looking for ways to jumpstart healthy habits to achieve my goal of moving more and staying fit. I know I want to make smarter food choices and commit to exercise, but sometimes just getting going with a healthy routine feels nearly impossible.

Through reading books, doing some research, and talking with friends, I discovered some simple ways to help me focus on what really matters when it comes to my health. Without feeling overwhelmed or guilty all the time, these simple lifestyle changes have really helped me feel better and get fit. Read more

5 Move More Habits for 2016

By Sprouts

Start Fresh in the New Year

Do you have big goals in 2016? Maybe run the Route 66 Marathon (Oklahoma) … hike through the Chattahoochee-Oconee National Forest (Georgia) … or trek the Grand Canyon (Arizona). Often these big dreams start with the smallest of healthy habits.

Whatever your goals, we’ve come up with a list of small habits that are a synch to incorporate into your daily routine. They’ll have you moving more and feeling great!

Read more