6 Easy Hacks For Achieving Your Health And Fitness Goals (Without Feeling Guilty)

By Abigail Murrish

Now that summer is underway, I’ve been looking for ways to jumpstart healthy habits to achieve my goal of moving more and staying fit. I know I want to make smarter food choices and commit to exercise, but sometimes just getting going with a healthy routine feels nearly impossible.

Through reading books, doing some research, and talking with friends, I discovered some simple ways to help me focus on what really matters when it comes to my health. Without feeling overwhelmed or guilty all the time, these simple lifestyle changes have really helped me feel better and get fit. Read more

Goal Template: Start Eating Healthy

Eating healthy is easier than you might think. Use this template to adjust your daily diet over the next few weeks and you’ll see just how easy it is. By making small changes like these over time, and taking them one at a time, not trying to rush into all of them at once, the changes are more likely to stick.

To see details of this template, along with many other useful goal templates, please check out the Goal Templates page.