The 7 Most Influential Self-Help Books of All Time

By Amy Reilly

Each year, publishers inundate us with new self-help books promising to teach us how to be better: better parents, better spouses, better workers, better organizers, better everything! It’s enough to make the head spin. However, every so often a self-help book rises to the top and morphs into something of a cultural phenomenon. These winners often spawn a school of wannabes and lookalikes (bookalikes?), but the originals retain something special. Here are seven self-help books that were groundbreakers in their day, and have stood the test of time. Make sure you also don’t forget to read these iconic books.
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5 Ways to Read More Books

Find a comfy nook and bring your favorite book… because these tips make it easy for you to start reading more right now.
You’ve probably said it to yourself 100 times before: I really need to start reading more. When you’re an out-of-the-habit adult with a full schedule, however, finding the time to pick up a book can be a challenge.

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7 Books You Should Read to Achieve Your Goals

By Omerah Laraba Sanni

Goals, goals, goals. We all have different goals we want to reach. To get a job, to build a house, to find a spouse, to get 3 signed business contracts; these are all goals for different people and they can all become reality before the eyes of the goal-setters.

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