Turn Your Day Around With One Simple Habit From Mel Robbins

Most of us feel excited and happy at the prospect of seeing a friend or colleague.

But do we feel the same way about seeing ourselves?

That realization came to best-selling author and speaker Mel Robbins during her darkest time. In the early days of the pandemic, she was exhausted and beaten down as she dealt with a tsunami of emotions and challenges and could barely get out of bed in the morning. But one day she managed to look at her exhausted reflection in the mirror and gave herself a high five. She laughed at herself because it felt corny, but went throughout the rest of the day with her head held a little higher.

Robbins says the real magic came the next day when she once again pulled herself out of bed and dragged herself to the bathroom. But this time, she was actually excited to see herself in the mirror. It dawned on her that for her entire life, she had ignored or criticized herself in the mirror, but had never been excited to see herself. It was the opposite of how she supported and was excited to see other people.

Robbins capitalized on that energy to take an intentional moment with herself in the mirror. She thought about who she needed to be that day and how she could show up for herself. And then she sealed it with a high five with herself.

That simple act turned things around and gave Robbins the hope and strength to keep pushing through challenges.

It’s the experience behind her new book, The High 5 Habit. And although the book was written during the pandemic, Robbins says it’s not a pandemic book. We’ve all had moments where we feel exhausted, beaten down and burnt out. It’s at those moments we need to take a stand for ourselves and be our biggest cheerleaders and supporters.

Instead of spending all of our time cheering for and supporting other people, the High 5 Habit sets aside just a few minutes for you to cheer for and support yourself. The simple act of giving yourself a high five can change your mindset and remind you that you’re worth it.

No one is immune to challenges and dark times. The strain of the world and work challenges can feel overwhelming and isolating, especially for entrepreneurs. But the simple habit of taking just a few minutes for yourself and giving yourself a high five can change your day, and over time can change your life.

When you’re excited to see yourself and cheer yourself on, you can take control of your life and make amazing things happen.


This article was written by Blake Morgan who  is a customer experience futurist. Blake is the author of two books on customer experience. She is the author of the new book “The Customer Of The Future: 10 Guiding Principles For Winning Tomorrow’s Business”.

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