3 Simple Ways To Turn Your Goals Into Action: Stop Dreaming And Start Doing Today

A goal without a plan is a dream.

Do you often feel your goals are a dream? A fantasy!

Our goals didn’t have a plan, so they merely were a dream.

Don’t focus on the future and neglect today.

Commit yourself to a goal action plan. It’s the only way you’ll get your goals moving in the right direction.

For me and my businesses, I created one-year goals. These are achievements we must accomplish over the next year.

Create a quarterly action plan for the goals you want to achieve…this quarter.

You’ll focus on 3–4 of the yearly goals each quarter.

Your quarterly next steps will turn in to weekly priorities and your weekly priorities will be broken down by the day.

Your goals are like a waterfall, they’ll start at the top, and once things get flowing, they end up at the ground level.



This article was written by Nate Anglin, who is a Investor + CEO @ Skylink Group. Optimize Lifes Potential: www.nateanglin.com


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