The ‘One Goal’ Method to Breakthrough Transformations in the New Year

The new year is an opportunity to reinvent yourself and go after your truest desires, dreams and goals. Traditionally, we write a list of resolutions filled with things to do or not to do. However, many of the goals are left unmet. If you’re tired of not accomplishing your goals, try my one goal method to ensure success in this year.

Be clear about what you really want. Consider one resolution that would make the greatest impact on your life, family and career. This one goal will embody many steps or mini goals, but it is the one thing that you want to accomplish in the next year.

Focusing on just one task will help you get clarity about what really matters to you. It also eliminates the clutter and overwhelm that comes with trying to accomplish too many things at once.

In my experience, I’ve discovered when I zero in on one task, that is when I find out all the mini-goals I can also work on throughout the year.

Write your goal in simple terms and put it where you can see it often. I created goal cards to help my clients focus on a task until it is accomplished. With the cards, you can write your objective, add a representative photo and write positive affirmations so that you have a good visual to meditate on. A 2009 Social Cognition research review shows people who review and visualize goals are more apt to manifest what they see.

Learn all that you can about your goal. Whether it’s to write a book or travel the world, research everything. Find out about pricing, equipment, services you need, etc. Collect magazine clippings, articles and other information that can help you along the way. The more you research, the more real the goal becomes to you.

Get accountability. There may be many reasons why you haven’t been able to implement your plan in the past, but the main reason might be lack of accountability. Accountability is what separates the super successful people from the mediocre.

I’m sure you can relate to trying to reach the same goal over and over again by yourself with no help and getting little to no results. Let’s take your health for instance (since this is a common New Year’s resolution). According to a 2010 International Journal of Medical Informatics research review, people who actually achieve weight loss and transition into a healthier lifestyle often participates in some form of accountability program. It could be by hiring a trainer, joining a health club or working with a nutritionist. There is something about having to answer to another person that will motivate you to stay on track.

Share your objective with a purpose partner, someone who will keep you accountable over the next year. Create a simple system that works for both of you. For example, exchange weekly emails to share what you’ve done to bring yourself closer to your goal. You can also share resources, connections and encouragement to motivate one another along the way.

Apply action. It’s important for you to get started right away. Nothing will happen until you move. The goal itself will never fail you, however the lack of action will. To succeed you must commit to execution. Start with what you know to do. You may not have all the answers at first but once you take the first step, the resources and people you need to accomplish your goals will start appearing in your life.

Get guidance. Execution without proper direction will lead to frustration and failure. Seek out the help of experts who can help you reach your goals. We all need help to become our best and reach new heights. Don’t make the mistake of thinking you can do it alone. A good coach or mentor can not only give you the road map you need to succeed, but they will also keep you accountable and push you to achieve more when you’re ready to give up.

Celebrate small victories. All progress is good progress. Take time to commemorate your small victories on your road to success. Celebrations will keep you motivated and appreciative of how far you’ve come.

Start the new year with a plan to succeed and you will. This time things will be different for you because you’re taking a new approach. Challenge yourself to achieve ONE goal over the next 12 months and don’t give up. The journey to success is full of zigzags, obstacles, options and opportunities. Things will not always happen the exact way you want them to, however you will overcome the obstacles and eventually reach your desired outcome.

Here’s to your best year yet!



This article was written by Stacia Pierce, life coach, career expert and CEO, Ultimate Lifestyle Enterprises.

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