How to Achieve Your Goals using Timeline Visualization

Have you ever felt a specific personal goal was unattainable? Perhaps there are just too many steps that must be taken in order to reach the goal. All the steps make it seem like achieving goals that have significant obstacles is impossible. Often these obstacles can distort your view of the goal. However, you can learn how to achieve your goals through the use of simple NLP techniques, even when they seem impossible.

How to Achieve Your Goals Using Visualization

A Harvard study was conducted to test the theory that visualizing your goals has a profound effect on the results you seek.

“What this Harvard study proved was that imagination and creative visualization isn’t an abstract theory but that it has a real and physical basis inside the human brain. If you can imagine it… you truly can create it through the power of creative visualization.”

By using the NLP concept of Timeline, there is a way to project your goal so that it is viewed as easily achievable.

What is an NLP Timeline?

Timeline is the way you see the events in the past and the events in the future. You might see the past as behind you, or to one side of you, or below you. You may see the future as in front of you, to one side of you, or above you. Or, maybe you see it all in a line in front of you, or maybe you are within it. Depending on the way you see your Timeline, determines the way future events may feel.

If you are like many people who view their personal Timeline with the past behind them and the future in front of them, you may see a plethora of tasks ahead, making future goals seem overwhelming. In order to reduce the overwhelm, you would want to make your future seem more manageable. The way to do this is to visually move your Timeline.

How to Achieve Your Goals by Changing Your Timeline

There are two ways to change your Timeline at this point. They both start with reducing your overwhelm. Try this with your Timeline:

Picture your future on the ground in front of you. Focus on the first obstacle that is between you and achieving your goal. Is it a person? A task? Shrink that obstacles into an object you can easily step over.  Now, step over that object. Look back at it behind you. Notice how easy it was to step over it. You have now mentally achieved your seemingly impossible goal.

Of course, you will still need to physically complete the task. However, doing that simple mental technique, you have reduced the overwhelm, making the task more attainable in the physical world.

When you are ready to physically work on the task you just stepped over, think back about how small you saw it in front of you. How manageable it was. Go back to that image anytime the task begins to feel too difficult.

How to Achieve Goals by Visually Dissociating from Your Timeline

Dissociation is when you emotionally separate yourself from a specific situation. This is helpful in reducing overwhelmed because it diffuses your emotional response.

Look at your original Timeline, the one you are in the middle of and feeling overwhelmed with the amount of tasks between you and your goal. Visually move it away from you so you can see it from the beginning to the end, floating out low and in front of you. You are no longer within it. You are just looking at it as separate from you.

Now, notice the items there, before your goal. Look at each one. It is just an item. You are not attached to it. Take moment to think of ways to complete each item, then moving on to the next item.

The tasks should not seem overwhelming any longer. They are just items in themselves. They have no feeling one way or another, as they are neutral tasks to complete.

When you are ready to physically work on the task you just dissociated yourself from, think back about how neutral you saw it in front of you. Go back to that image anytime the task begins to feel overwhelming.


If you have tried these techniques, how do you feel now about attaining your goal? Does it feel easier, less like a big hairy monster you have to fear? Was the goal simpler to achieve than you thought it would be?

You have now learned how to achieve your goals by using NLP dissociation and shrinking items down to size. Many people find these NLP techniques to be fantastic ways of simplifying and visualizing their personal future, and the best part is that you can access and utilize them anywhere.



This article was written by Mike Bundrant is the author of Your Achilles Eel: Discover and Overcome the Hidden Cause of Negative Emotions, Bad Decisions and Self-Sabotage and co-founder at The iNLP Center which offers online certification in Neuro-Linguistic Programming and life coaching.


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