What’s New in GoalsOnTrack 2020

It’s already March. How time flies! Hope you’re doing well with your 2020 goals so far.

We haven’t posted much about what’s new with GoalsOnTrack apps lately. So in this post, I’d like to give you a brief rundown of what’s been added or improved since the last major update.

The iOS App

GoalsOnTrack iOS app has evolved to version 1.8 now. Since the last update (ver 1.3), we have added some new features and made a few improvements.

Goal ordering

Now goals and sub goals are displayed in the order synced from the web app. By default, the goals are ordered by deadline dates, then by goal names. However you can manually change this order from within the web app (not iOS app yet), just by clicking on the sort icon next to the goal title in the main goals view.

Goal progress bars

We’ve changed the goal progress bar a little, by adding a nicer bar style and re-aligned the percentage label. Now bar colors match goal status colors, so that you will see at a glance whether you are on track or behind on a goal.

Quick new goal entry

When you set a new goal, instead of entering all the goal details manually, now you can select from a list of sample goal templates, and then change only what needs to be changed for your goal. This will save you data entry time. Currently there are just a handful of samples, and we plan to add more in the future.

Pull-to-show full goal picture

To view your goal picture, it’s easier now and you just need to press and pull on goal details view to see the full or larger size of your goal picture.

New goal details popup

We’ve added a new screen for goal description details. Now you can see full goal description details in a separate view from current goal details view.

In addition to all of these changes, we have also made some small fixes, UI and performance improvements.


The Web Version

Besides the new iOS app, we have also released a few upgrades to the web version. We added a new time report so that you can check how much time you have spent working on each of your goals and sub goals. We also fixed the task order displayed on the Action Plan view on the goal details page. But most importantly, we have launched a new feature to allow you to sort goal order manually.
As you probably already know, the default order the goals and sub goals are display is by deadlines, then by goal names. Now you can manually assign your own order for your goals. To do that, simply go to the main goals page. To order all your parent goals within a goal category, simply click on the “Reorder goals” button on the right inside the category header. Then you will see a popup with a list of parent goals. You can drag and drop to sort it to your own order.

To order sub goals within a parent goal, simply hover your mouse over the parent goal name and click on the Reorder button next to the other goal buttons. You will then see a similar popup showing you a list of subgoals which you can reorder just by drag-n-drop.

There has been also some bug fixes and small changes just to make things more stable and efficient.


Future Plans

GoalsOnTrack is an ongoing project and we are constantly finding ways to improve and optimize. As always, we welcome your feedback and feature suggestions to help us make GoalsOnTrack better.



Founder & CEO at GoalsOnTrack

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