Give Your Goals and Dreams Proximity

Our minds constantly gravitate towards what we are most familiar with. I want you to really think about that…

You can write your goals down, visualize your dreams, and hold yourself accountable. These are ALL great things to do!

BUT if you want to help your dreams and goals to be much more likely to happen, you have to give proximity to them. Even better, is you actually touch them from time to time.

You can get creative with ways to get close to your dreams without having to spend any money… And then sometimes (for some of you) you will need to spend a little bit of money to just touch them even for a brief moment

Maybe it’s getting into a neighborhood, driving around in a place you can’t afford yet, but you want to live there someday. Or it’s test driving a car you can’t afford to buy yet. Saving up and staying one night at a resort in an area you someday want to live. Maybe it’s taking one vacation day and spending that entire day serving in your church or the charity you’re most passionate about.

Make it familiar and bring it in proximity, and It’s more likely to happen.



This article was written by Ed Mylett, peak performance expert, global Keynote speaker & best selling author.

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