What’s New in GoalsOnTrack 2019

It’s been a while since we last posted any updates on the latest development with GoalsOnTrack.  We keep receiving requests and inquiries regarding what’s being worked on or any new features planned for the future.  In this post I am going to share with you some of the latest development with GoalsOnTrack and a few things we have planned for the near future.

What’s new lately?

One thing significant about GoalsOnTrack development is the recent launch of the new iOS app (ver 1.3) in the App Store. We have successfully released four versions over the last few months.  The new app can sync fully with the current web version. And it includes most of the major features that are available in the web version.

However, the iOS app is not designed to duplicate the full feature set of the web version, but rather it’s been intended as an extension of it.  This means that as a user you are not expected to use only one version alone, but rather use both versions in combination to accomplish your goals.

We have also made some improvements to the web version and back end systems so that now things are running more stable and efficiently.

New iOS App: Time tracking, recurring features, etc

In the latest release of the iOS app we have implemented the recurring task feature so now you can use the tasks functions independently inside the iOS app without having to set them up first in the web version.

In the release version 1.2, a significant feature that we added to the iOS app is the ability to track time you spend on tasks. This is a very convenient feature if you need to track how long you work on your goals. With the mobile version it should be much easier to track time than using the web version. If you’re not using time tracking in the iOS app, I would strongly recommend you start now.

Web App: New Goal Reports and fixes

Besides the new iOS app, we have also made some upgrades to the web version. Most of the feature improvements are around the goals page.  In terms of new features, we have added a new goal reports page where you can view and print a full page for a selected goal, including all goal details, status information,  action plans and detailed execution records.  There has been also some bug fixes and small changes just to make things more stable and efficient.

What we are working on and future plans…

GoalsOnTrack is an ongoing project and we are always finding ways to improve and optimize. It doesn’t necessarily mean that we will keep piling feature after feature on the software. We try to only add what’s really necessary and most requested by many users who share a common need.  Among some of the things we are working on are iOS reminder feature, more user settings, more reports in web version, backup and download feature and a few optimization ideas.

We are also trying to improve the on-boarding process and offer more video materials to help new users. We hope this will help you get started faster and find answers more quickly than current support system. As always, you are welcome to send us any feedback and feature suggestions. which will help us make GoalsOnTrack better and more useful to you.

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