The Three Most Important Factors Of Goal Setting

I’m a huge fan of goal setting, but not all goals lead to actually achieving what you want.

Over the years, I have found that there are 3 things that are the most important factors of goal setting. When you apply these 3 factors then I believe you give yourself the best chance of successfully achieving your goals.


Your goals have to be genuinely important to you. Not something you think you should do or something other people want you to do. You need to have a real, deep down and genuine pull to achieve what you want.

If you don’t have that real desire then you’ll always find a reason to put it off or you won’t give it your all.

As a full time blogger, one of my current goals is to grow by mailing list by over 1000 subscribers this year. Now, do I have a real desire and passion to build my mailing list? No, not really, in fact, I find it quite a challenge to send out regular valuable emails. But, here’s the thing. I am passionate about growing my audience and growing my email list is a great way to get very interested people onto my blog.

Take a look at each of your goals and ask… DO I REALLY WANT THIS?


If your goal is measurable then you can track your progress ongoing. Let’s take my mailing list goal of increasing my mailing list by 1000 this year. That means by June, I’d really like to be at around the 500 subscriber mark to feel sure I’ll achieve my goal and go beyond.

By monitoring and measuring my progress each month or even each week, I can see what’s working and what’s not and adjust as I go through the year.

You are able to set yourself smaller weekly and monthly goals to keep you focused and motivated.

I personally tend to think when I set a goal for a years time, I have ages to achieve it, I go into the “I’ve got plenty of time left” mode. Then it gets to a few weeks before the deadline and I’m nowhere close. By breaking the goal into smaller monthly goals, you are constantly working on that goal.


Bottom line – Goal setting is a complete waste of time if you do not PLAN to actually achieve the things you want. You must plan in time to consistently work on your goal and have a clear action plan that you review regularly to make sure you are actually making progress.

Let’s go back to my email list goal – Every single business day, I do something to help achieve the number on my mailing list that I am aiming for. My action plan looks a little like this.

Monthly – Create a new Pinterest image that leads people to my opt-in page on the blog.

Weekly – Add opt-in link to new blog posts

Daily – add a link to social media

I will also review how well the opt-in is performing on a monthly basis and change as necessary.

Step 1: Create a super clear action plan

Step 2: Take consistent and regular (ideally daily) action

What is your action plan for this month? This week? Today?

Power question – What can I do today to move me closer to achieving this goal?


Let’s do a recap so that you set effective goals and achieve them consistently.

  1. Your goal has to be genuinely important to you – You need to really want this for yourself.
  2. Your goal needs to be measurable so that you can track your progress – Break your goal down to daily, weekly and monthly goals to help keep you focused.
  3. You must have a clear action plan in place to achieve your goal and work CONSISTENTLY on that action plan.



This article was written by Wendy Tomlinson, online life & business coach to help you create a life and business you love. 

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