Small Wins Daily: The Secret To More Confidence, Momentum and Fulfillment

Success isn’t as sexy as we think.

We hear about the marketer who sent one email and made five figures in 90 minutes. The start-up founder who sold his company and became a multimillionaire ‘over-night’ – and we get conditioned into thinking success is the result of one main event.

We start searching for the ‘secret’ or special moment that will change the game for us, too.

High-performers and successful entrepreneurs don’t achieve world-class results because of any one event, or ‘weird hack’ (regardless of what any marketer tries to sell tell you)

They become elite by focusing on making small improvements on a daily basis in the areas that matter most and will make the biggest impact on helping them achieve their ultimate goal.

a.k.a. Small Wins.

If you’re a purpose-driven entrepreneur who wants to show up with more confidence, consistency, and fulfillment in your life and business, one of the best things you can do for yourself is leverage the power of small wins.

Here’s why…

We Feel Most Alive Doing Work That Matters

Two of the biggest human drivers (especially for us entrepreneurs) are growth and contribution. We come alive and feel most fulfilled when making progress in areas that matter most to us, and have a positive impact on others.

In an article by Harvard Business Review, here’s what researchers had to say about small wins:

“Of all the things that can boost emotions, motivation, and perceptions during a workday, the single most important is making progress in meaningful work. And the more frequently people experience that sense of progress, the more likely they are to be creatively productive in the long run.”

If you want to feel fulfilled, be more consistent, and have more confidence in yourself and the work you’re doing – the first step is making the commitment to do work that matters.

How can you attach a greater sense of meaning and purpose to the work you’re doing or the message you’re sharing?

Once you’ve gotten clear on this, the next question is: What’s the one thing you can do today, that will make the biggest impact on your progress, and bring you closer to your end goal?

Ask yourself this every day. This daily progress (even a 1% improvement) will help you develop the self-confidence and internal motivation to continue doing work that fulfills you – while serving others.

Momentum Creates Momentum

Some people view success as a stand-alone event. They put all their hope and faith in one product launch, or one major outcome – expecting this to be the one thing that changes their life forever. It rarely happens like this.

Success is a result of the small wins compounded over time. It’s a process. And the more we show up and produce results, the more success we’ll experience as we continue to ride the wave of momentum.

This is why focusing on small wins is the secret sauce of high performers.

What you do on a daily basis: your habits (good or bad), the decisions you make, and even the people you choose to surround yourself with – all play a bigger role in our long-term success than we realize.

If you want to accomplish anything worthwhile, it won’t happen overnight. Getting lean and strong starts with that first set of 10 push-ups on day one.

Building a successful coaching business starts with getting that first lead into your sales funnel.

We design our lives one small win at a time.

The Best Way To Boost Your Self-Confidence

The best way to gain clarity and boost your self-confidence is through action.

The more action you take, the more feedback you receive. This feedback gives us the clarity and insights we need to adjust and make our next best move so we can make progress towards our goals.

As you continue to make more progress in meaningful work, this will have a positive impact on shaping your self-identity.

You’ll start to see yourself as someone who is consistent, gets results, and has real value to offer the world. You’ll take bigger risks, invest more in yourself and your craft, and look for new opportunities to better serve others.

This is why one of the worst things we can do is wait until we’re confident or 100% ready to take action.

We gain clarity and confidence along the journey.

Your “Big Break” May Never Come, And That’s Okay…

That idea you have about waiting for the perfect moment, launch, or main event to breakthrough? I’d forget about it.

Your biggest breakthroughs will come as a result of you focusing on the daily actions you must take to move one step closer towards your end goal.

What’s the meaningful work you do? What’s the big problem you solve? Who do you get to serve on a daily basis?

Focus on these questions daily.

Look at each day as a new opportunity to unleash your best work, and the next step towards creating your best life.

Small wins.

Big breakthroughs.



This article was written by Andrey Adison, founder of Elevate To Elite, with mission to empower purpose-driven entrepreneurs to become their best self and get their authentic message out into the world.

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