5 Ways To Find Your ‘Best Life’ Goals

The true definition of ‘a good life’ is deeply subjective, but our ability to create it is massively dependent on us staying connected more with what we desire and feel good in rather than chasing whatever we’re told is the latest must-have.

So how do we use our smarts to set our compass towards life goals that are truly worthwhile for both heart and mind, that motivate to move us forward and bring us greater contentment?

Try this simple exercise to get your heart/mind compass back and discover your true goals. And I promise you, those dark nights of the soul won’t seem so dark after all.

1. What do you value?

Get clear with yourself on one important thing: you matter and your life matters!

The day you own this belief is the day your life changes for the better because you begin to appreciate and value yourself as a valuable element in the larger constellation of life, your connections, workplace and business. A good way to do this is to write down a list of things that are better because you’re around and who benefits because you are in their life.

2. How can you add value to others?

Adding value to other people not only helps them advance but us too. By taking our minds off ourselves for a time, we actually return to ourselves with greater creativity, resourcefulness and a more positive regard for how brilliant and helpful we are. In other words, we feel empowered by helping others do well. Only a very scared or closed-hearted person waits on the sidelines and does little to help others.

Write down how you’d like to add value, to whom and why. Don’t just opt for supporting your favourite charity. Tell your boss how helpful and amazing your colleague is. Find people you can help a little every day and just do it.

3. When were you last truly happy?

Go over the last two to three weeks and pinpoint times when you felt genuinely happy and dizzy with delight. I doubt it will be a social media posting unless it’s that funny cat video that’s gone viral. If you can’t think of any, you need new goals ASAP. When was the last time you allowed yourself to properly relax and not fret over something or fully lost yourself in enjoying an activity without contemplating what else there is to do? Choose to own and practice being happy now, every day, rather than being happy “when…”.

4. Who are the positive people in your life?

List the people you love spending time with. Get regular dates in the diary to see them. Nothing communicates respect and love more than the gift of our time to those we treasure, be they clients, friends, family or our neighbor.

5. How can you shape your living space?

Where and how would you ideally live in a way that would give you to the least physical, emotional, and psychological stress?

Have an ideal that you decide to work towards – try making a vision board and see how you can bring as many of the key features of these ideas into your daily life. For example, if your vision involves calm and seclusion but you live in a busy house or on a noisy street, aim to bring elements of calm into your space with a favorite corner. Resolve to make the now be in your present or change your present to match what you want as closely as possible.



This article was written by Magdalena Bak Maier,  the founder, integration pioneer coach, productivity expert, entrepreneur, author and speaker. Find more at  maketimecount.com

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