Goal: Nibble it bit-by-bit

Have you ever felt that you are stuck with your goal and making no progress at all? It’s a very common feeling we experience when we are working toward a big or stretch goal. But that doesn’t mean we should simply give up. Here are a few ideas that may help keep your perspective and maintain a positive attitude towards your goal journey.

All great success is accomplished bit by bit.

Looking closely at the history of almost any great achievement, you will rarely find overnight success. All great accomplishments were achieved bit by bit, step by step, one small victory after another, then another.

The same law also applies for the goal you are pursuing. Sometimes we are just not patient enough to see that all the small efforts we put in day in and day out are exactly what our future big success is composed of.

As long as we are working on this current “bit” in front of us, then we are making progress and we are getting closer to the target.

Maybe your bit is writing a short blog post today, or taking that 20 minute walk outside, or reading one page before bedtime. Whatever it is, this present “bit” is what we truly need to focus on.

Small and steady progress trump burst of sporadic efforts.

There is a great quote, “Slow and steady wins the race “, which is very true. What is also true is that when it comes to taking action toward your goal, small and steady action can win over big but inconsistent effort.

If you have a project that will take 10 hours to complete, it’s usually easier to complete it in 20 days working on it only 30 minutes a day, than to get it done in 5 days with 4 hours each day. The simple reason is because the second plan requires huge amount of willpower and time commitment and almost none of us can afford. But we can always find 30 minutes in a day no matter how busy we are with other things in life.

If 30 minutes still sounds too big a step, make it 10, or even 5. The power doesn’t lie in the amount, but in the consistency.

Don’t be fooled by “no progress”.

Sometimes we can work on our goal for days or weeks or even months without seeing any real progress. Here is the key insight that really separates goal achievers and early quitters: sometimes “no progress” is still progress, but no action is indeed no progress.

Think of it this way. Suppose you lost your key and you have to find it. You searched 9 possible places but finally found it in the last place you searched. Now judging by the end goal itself, finding the key, none of the previous 9 places you looked means any progress. But in reality you are indeed making progress, because without having searched those 9 places you would have never looked in the last 10th place where you found your key.

Your goal is much the same. Have faith in the fact that whatever you are working on for your goal is exactly what you need to do at this point in time in your goal journey. Judge your action not by the end goal itself, but by the general direction you are going.



This article was written by Harry Che, founder and creator of GoalsOnTrack, an online goal achievement software program to help you set, track and accomplish both personal and professional goals

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