7 Things to Stop Doing to Accomplish Your Goals

We all want to accomplish our goals. We know there are many things we need to do in order to make our goals happen.

But we may not realize there are also things we really need to stop doing, things that weigh us down, and things that are only impediment to reaching our goals.

If you don’t put a stop to certain things, it would be like driving a car with one foot always on the break. Can you imagine how fast and how far you can go driving like that?

It’s about time we say no, put an end to, break off, cut out or cut back whatever that is holding us back, and then make room for what really matters. Now.

Here are seven things we can all try to stop doing, or at least do less, to have a better chance at accomplishing our goals.

1. Watch TV/Netflix/YouTube mindlessly

For many of us, TV is the biggest time black hole in our life. Last time I checked, I spent on average 3-4 hours a day on my iPhone in last three days! If we can cut it out, or cut down at least half amount of the time, we would have ample time to work on what really matters to our goals.  To break that habit, whenever we want to pick up that clicker, ask ourselves: is there any other activity or thing that is more meaningful or brings more happiness than watching this now?

2. Go to bed too late

Most of our goals are actually easy to accomplish, if only we put in the time required to work on them. For many people, the number one reason we don’t seem to have enough time for things that are good and important, is simply because we go to bed too late at night. In those late night hours, we tend to do things that are neither good nor important. Think of it this way. Going to bed early is equal to exchanging the unproductive and meaningless time at night with productive and purposeful time in the morning.

3. Spend too much time on our phone

Most of us nowadays are addicted to our smart phones. We carry it everywhere. We do everything on it. Really think about it, a lot of what we do on our phones are purely out of boredom, or just to kill time. If we are not careful, we can waste hours and hours which could be better used for far more productive and meaningful things.

4. Check emails first thing in the morning

I was a habitual morning email checker. That was the first thing I did after the computer booted up without fail. I believe that many of us have this habit and we don’t even question if it’s natural or not. Early morning is the golden time of the day to get some deep work done. Work that will bring us long term benefits. Yet we waste it all on email checking which is at best routine and trivial.

5. Waste time on errands or shopping

I don’t consider shopping as a form of entertainment, but still if I’m not careful, I can spend hours on shopping and doing errands: buying groceries, depositing cheques, all kinds of daily mundane activities, which of themselves probably won’t cost too much time, but considering the extra time you have to put in to make them happen, such as commute, waiting in line, getting ready, putting on and taking off clothes, etc. Some of these things have very little value in our lives and yet we spend way too much time doing them.

6. Spend time with people who bring out the worst in us

Trying to accomplish certain goals requires us to make significant changes in ourselves. Spending time around wrong kind of people for your goal can make these changes very unlikely to happen. We can be easily influenced by the people we often associate with. If we want to lose weight, we will often find it hard to keep our resolutions around people who are overweight, or don’t care about weight loss. Same goes for many other pursuits.

7. Go to events/parties/commitments that no longer serve us

Attending certain social events or various meet-ups or parties sometimes can take up a big chunk of your day. A party or meet-up rarely lasts under two hours. If you go to those events just twice a week, you will be easily losing at least five to six hours, not including the commute time. Of course, if such social activities are part of your plan to reach your goal, then it’s all fine. Otherwise, it should be another big area we need to look at in order to save more time for our goal.

Obviously stopping doing these things may not automatically make your goal more likely to happen. But at least we will have a little more time that we can put to good use for our goals. It may not be a lot, but a little here and little there, day by day, they will add up. And you will finally have the time to really make good progress on your goals.



This article was written by Harry Che, founder and creator of GoalsOnTrack, an online goal achievement software program to help you set, track and accomplish both personal and professional goals

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