Creating Your Life on Vision Board

Dream big! Create the life you deserve! So say Jo Lewis and Kathy Cunningham who are holding a Vision Board Workshop On May 31.

A vision board is — as it suggests — a board on which you put pictures and representations of things or concepts you want to acquire or achieve.

Kathy’s board, one she completed some time ago, is a collage of colour, representing things like a home, travel and things she’d like to have and do.

“What I like about this is the idea, but what’s even better is the focus,” she says. “When I put images like this out there — where am I going? Where am I living? What does it look like? Who is around us? What’s in the garden? I really like the idea of thinking of something quite big.”

It’s important that when you have a big idea in your head that you have something like the vision board on which to focus, she says.

Jo’s point of focus is slightly different.

“I had so much I wanted to put on I put it into a book,” says Jo. “I focused on the relationship I wanted — and 26 years later we’ve never argued.” The book reminds her of things she needed to do and practise to achieve the life she wants. That includes health, culture, attitude and material things.

“This was the picture I’ve had for several years of my little car … it’s parked outside. I had no idea how that was going to happen. There was no way. We were a single car family, my old car was parked in our drive because we couldn’t afford to keep it going. Suddenly, someone rocks up at the beginning of this year and offers to buy me a car. So I got what I wanted, what I’ve had on my board for years and it’s cost me nothing.”

Jo has also created a mind map and crosses things off as she achieves them, from weight loss to events she wanted to attend.

Kathy and Jo say the board alone doesn’t get you what you want but it provides focus and sets clear intentions.
It can be summed up in a number of pithy sayings: “If your dreams don’t scare you, dream bigger.” “Set a goal so big that you can’t achieve it until you grow into the person who can.”

Both women agree that the vision board concept works very well for them, and want to share its success with others.

“Some might have something with their home, some might have their health, some might have a business, so it doesn’t matter — anything that you’re focused on,” says Kathy.

Neither Jo nor Kathy knew the other used a vision board until they were both at a different kind of workshop where the facilitator asked for a show of hands from those who “vision board”. They were the only two who raised their hands.

“It’s a holistic form of goal setting, really,” says Jo. “It just takes in that big picture.”
“It has to be a smart goal so you can actually visualise it,” says Kathy.
Jo says the science behind it is your reticular activation system — your brain is switched on to identify the things that are relevant or useful to you. The vision board is a tool on which to focus and reflect.



This article was written by Paul Brooks, an editor of Wanganui Midweek.

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