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How time flies! Before you know it, we’re already into March. Today I’d like to share with you some of the latest developments here at GoalsOnTrack.

As some of you already know, we launched the new version at the end of the last year. Since the launch, we have received quite some feedback and majority of which has been positive, supportive and  encouraging so far. Which is good, as at least we know we are on the right track. But there is still quite a lot we need to do down the road. So today I want to share with you some of the issues that we have fixed and some of the things we are actively working on.

Login issues (for users coming from the old version)

We launched a new version last year, including both the website and the app itself. If you signed up before Oct 28, 2017,  you can still access your account in the old version. To log in, please go to http://app.goalsontrack.com/login. Your username and password should be working there.

We are keeping both versions live in operation so you can use either one of the two or both if you like. If you want to access the new version, please log into the old version first, then go to My Account page, and click Upgrade(beta) from the right navigation menu.

Bug fixes and issues

Since the launch last year we have discovered some bugs. Most of them have been fixed by now. There could still be bugs or things that may not work exactly as expected. Please feel free to let us know if you run into anything that seems buggy or simply wish things are done differently. Here is a list of bugs we have fixed lately.

  • fixed deleting goal linked to a template
  • minor fixes on login page
  • fixed category goal count; goals page refreshing bug
  • fixed active goal count on goals navigation menu
  • fixed bug in scheduling and deleting recurring tasks on dashboard page
  • fixed task due date comparison
  • fixed habits day misalignment bug

A few users have reported that sometimes their account data seemed to suddenly all disappear. This mostly is a browser cache issue. The easy workaround is to simply refresh your browser on Dashboard page. Or you can also log out and log back in so that any cached changes are reloaded from the server.

What we are working on

At the moment we are working on a few minor bugs that have been identified recently. We also dedicate a significant amount of effort to the new mobile versions for the new web app. These will be completely replacing the older versions currently listed in the App or Play store. The web app is optimized for mobile use. For now, if you like to access the app on your phone, you can still use the mobile browser. We will also improve the reporting features and things around goals and tasks modules.

As always we welcome your feedback and feature suggestions. Please do let us know if you wish to see some features implemented in the product.

Harry Che
Founder & CEO

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One Response to “GoalsOnTrack Update”
  1. Jeff McGuire says:

    I enjoy learning from you. I never logged in. Too many emails to read so why log in?


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