Setting Up Your Environment For Achieving Goals

The environment you are in has a large impact on whether or not you will be able to achieve a goal.

In fact, it determines just about all of it.

There are key attributes goal setting that can be missed out on if you fail to find the right environment.

  • Efficiency.  If you spend all of your time running around instead of actually getting work done, your goal will be that much harder to reach.
  • Focus/Intensity.  Being bombarded by distractions will only lead you on a path other than the one you had hoped.
  • Consistency.  Taking a haphazard approach to achieving your goals will only see them fail.

Failure to have one or all three of these could result in the failure of that goal.  That is why it is important that you take this into consideration while setting your goals.

The Controllables and Uncontrollables

There is a difference between the things in your environment you can control and those you can’t.

Things you can control are things that can be forged into a tool.  This tool can help you achieve any goal you like.  Things you can’t control on the other hand could be helpful or detrimental to your success.  It may just be the luck of the draw.

You have to accept that the uncontrollables are out there and be mentally ready for when they happen.  Thinking of them this way will prepare you for unforeseen events, and you will be able to move towards your goal in spite of them.

Give Yourself An Environment Makeover

Up until earlier this evening, I was using three computers to keep this site updated.  I use one at the local university library because it has Adobe Photoshop for me to make my pictures.  I use one at home that doesn’t have internet access to type the articles.  Finally, I had another at home with Internet that I used to update the general things on the site.

As you can guess, this route resulted in a lot of frustration.  If I was unable to get to the library before it closed I was forced to do something else.  Also, it was difficult to try to get files from computer to computer.  Something had to be done.

I spent some money to be able to hook up my desktop to the internet.  While this wasn’t a large leap forward, it has helped to streamline my efforts in getting to my goals.  I no longer am forced to transfer files from computer to computer.

Setting The Goal Is Only The Start

Setting a goal is only the first step in a one-thousand mile journey, and while that is important, it does not ensure your success.

Your environment must become the hammer that drives the nail that is your goal.  You need to center it around that particular goal and use it for its achievement.

Ask yourself certain questions about your environment and how it can be transformed into a goal-oriented one.

  • Is there money to be spent?  How much?  If the goal is important enough to you, then write the check.  If it will help your efforts to a large degree, then why would you hold back?  Balance the reward vs. the cost.
  • Am I surrounded by those who will help me in my struggle?  Even the people we have known and trusted forever can try to rationalize why the goal should not be that important.  Find a few partners who have the same interest and share your progress.
  • What are the small things I can do?  Often, we miss out on tiny opportunities to move towards our goal because we are not paying attention.  Can just adjusting your furniture around help out?  Make the small change and see results.
  • Do I need a large change to happen?  This is a tough one.  In order to answer it, we really need to be honest with ourselves.  Do you need to move to a new place?  Start a new life elsewhere?  Take you time on this one though and give yourself a chance to weigh everything.

Make an analysis of your environment and see if there is anything you can do to change it in order for you to find success in not only setting goals, but achieving them.

Doing so will determine to a large extent how successful you are at getting what you really want.

This article was written by Mitchell Sahlfeld

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2 Responses to “Setting Up Your Environment For Achieving Goals”
  1. Harrypraize says:

    This is really helpful to me.. because I am a leader of a group in my church.. the youth Department as a mater of fact and I am currently working outside my presiding state. With this I can really tell myself what I want and how to go about it. Thanks a bunch.

  2. swss says:

    I love the picture of the desktop!

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