7 Powerful Ways To Sustain Your Habits!

As you know, we are all creatures of habit. Whatever we do repeatedly, we become. All of us have good and bad habits, some are easy to break, some seem impossible to even scratch it. Have you ever wondered why New Year Resolutions always fail?

Here’s why.

Starting a new habit is easy.
Sustaining it, is the HARD part.
Most people don’t have the mental energy, or willpower if you will, to keep the habits.

By utilizing these 7 Powerful Ways To Sustaining Them, you’ll be on your way to experiencing life on a much higher level!

Pillar # 1

Power Of One!

What you focus on AMPLIFIES! Have you heard of this saying?

Imagine you are holding onto a magnifying glass, directly the sun-beam to a particular spot.

What happens if you keep moving the magnifying glass?

Exactly! Nothing happens!

However if you hold it long enough, allowing the sun-beam to focus all its power to that spot, it will start to catch fire.

Power Of One works the same way as well.

If you’re trying to start too many new habits at a time, you might just lose focus and not get the favored results.

Choose ONE, and FOCUS!

Pillar # 2

Know The Reasons!

Why do you want to cultivate this habit?

We all know there are benefits to every supporting habit.

What is your motivator?

What is the REASON behind why you want to harness that particular habit?

Once you know your “why”, you’ll not only obtain a driving force behind it, you’ll also be more purposeful whilst doing it!

Pillar # 3

Baby Steps!

If you have NEVER cultivated the habit of reading. Starting from 30 Pages a day will set you up for disappointment in the long run.
You’ll not only exhaust your mental energy quickly, you might also dislike reading after a week or so!

Start with Baby Steps. The trick is not to rush, the KEY is to cultivate the habit of doing it.

Start with 5 pages. Too many?

Start with 1 page a day. Make it SOOOO ridiculously do-able, and you’ll not only feel accomplished after doing it, you’ll enjoy it!

Is that it? Move on to the next few Pillars and find out…

Pillar # 4

Don’t Beat Yourself Up!

One of the common KILLERS sustaining a habit is simply because that individual sets his/her expectations too high, not achieve it, gets massively disappointed and STOPS doing it.

It is important to be patientTake a DEEP Breath my friend!
Change is always resistant and hard in the beginning, messy in the middle, but beautiful at the end!

If you fail, forgive yourself, pick yourself up and try ONCE MORE!

Pillar # 5

Reward Yourself!

After achieving these small wins, what do you do next?

I mean, why not? Successful people know how to celebrate their small wins, because even if it’s just a small step, it still contributes to the big picture.

Can you complete the puzzle without one last final piece?

No! Although it’s just ONE piece, it still makes a world of difference!

Learn to reward yourself!

Go for movies, have a glass of red wine!

Whatever you like to do! It doesn’t necessary mean that you need to spend A LOT of money doing so, simple rewards like going for your favorite meal will be good enough!

Pillar # 6


Remember we are taking baby steps? We don’t stop there. We continue to UPGRADE!

A commonly asked question would be, how do I know if it’s the right time to upgrade?

Here are 2 pointers:

1)   When you feel that it has become second nature to you.


2)   Once every week. However, be mindful of how much you increase the activity. Just stretch by a little bit. Suppose you are reading 5 pages daily, you can INCREASE to 8 or 10.

Pillar # 7


Loop simply means repeating it from STEP 1! The more times you do it, the more powerful it becomes.

Be it going back to knowing your reasons (Pillar # 2), or upgrading your habit (Pillar # 6).

Just LOOP!

REMEMBER! We are what we repeatedly DO!

In Closing

I’ve shared with you 7 Powerful ways to sustain your habits as well as the secret to making them work for you.

Now, it is all up to you …

The question is, are you going to implement it so that you’ll have a high quality fulfilled life?

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