5 Habits You Need to Achieve Every Goal You Set for Yourself

By Peter Economy

The secret to success seems deceptively simple: Choose a handful of good life goals–and meet them. What ultimately proves to be the challenge, however, is not setting the goal–it’s making sure that you achieve them. Adopt these 5 powerful habits to start realizing your goals–and your dreams.

1. Choose wisely

The more thought you put into your actions, the better the outcome. If we genuinely take the time to sit down with our thoughts and reason out what could or could not feasibly occur, then we’re already doing better. Eliminating things that seem too far out of reach–or too easy to finish–will only deter us or give us a false sense of accomplishment.

2. Figure out the big picture

Don’t get bogged down in the little steps. Think about the end dream that makes your heart skip an extra beat. What makes you excited to start working? What inspires you?What do you see yourself wanting to be? Answer these questions before thinking about the logistics, otherwise, it’s possible that nothing will get done at all.

3. Increment your time

Whether it’s something as simple as sticking to a weekly workout–or one day owning a house, or earning your MBA–the important step so many people miss is making a great plan. If you have a realistic, feasible schedule, you’re all the more likely to continue trying even when you don’t feel like it. Know much you have to do when.

4. Stick to the plan

The hard part, for everything from dieting to homework, is not falling off the wagon. Once you are aware of how much you have done, the most daunting part is finding the motivation to continue. When this happens, however, just remember the big picture. You’ll remind yourself of just why you have committed to all this work–and find the strength to forge forward.

5. Enjoy the journey

One of the most important things people forget is that, even when the end destination is the ultimate goal, there’s value in getting there too. Don’t forget that that it’s not only important that you get through the fire–what matters most is how you walk through it too.

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