How to Turn Your Goals Into an Actionable Plan

By Jeff Miller

The French writer Antoine de Saint-Exupery once said, “A goal without a plan is just a wish, a hope likely to fail and impossible to attain. Give passionate dreaming a structure, and reality moves to the tips of your fingers faster than you can click your heels and say, ‘there’s no dream like mine.’”

You’ve taken the time to figure out your dreams and turn those dreams into specific goals. Now it’s time to turn those goals into a plan. This is where you’ll meet your first significant challenge and begin to feel the first real doubts about your ability to achieve your goals. Don’t overthink things here, just keep it simple. Read more

7 Ways To Be More Self-Disciplined, Because You Can Accomplish Whatever You Want

By Carolyn Steber

Doesn’t it sometimes feel like everyone on the planet is all successful and motivated except for you? Those people at the gym, that vegan coworker, your cousin the author — they all seem to have discovered ways to have more self-discipline. And they make it look so easy.

But self-discipline isn’t easy, and it wasn’t for them at first, either. Because the truth is, no one is born with the magic ability to publish books, or the miraculous desire to give up dairy. These things are hard to do, and the process sucks. So really, the only difference between you and the so-called successful people is that they stuck it out, and you didn’t. Read more

How Goal-Setting Helps You Reach Your Goals

By LifeCoachSpotter

Many of us labor under the misapprehension that simply doing our best is enough in life, and that a formal goal setting process is unnecessary. Although it may seem counter-intuitive, just doing your best really isn’t enough. Why? The answer lies primarily in the role of the subconscious, as well as the questions of purpose and motivation. Read more

The Best Pieces Of Advice To Stay Motivated To Accomplish Your Dreams

By Brandon Lee

Michael Jordan started by throwing one basketball through a hoop. He probably missed a handful of shots before he made his next shot.

Tiger Woods started by watching someone else play golf before he took his first swing. He swung once, and again, and again, and again.

You read a book by starting with the first word.
You run a marathon by taking the first step.

Warren Buffett had to learn how to make $1 before he made $1000, $10,000 before he made $100,000, $1,000,000 before $10,000,000, and $100,000,000 before $1,000,000,000. Read more

Define Your Goals To Achieve The Success You Desire

By R. Glenn Ray, Ph.D.

I always loved to read. That love really took off when I was in the fifth grade in Mrs. Mann’s class. Every day she read us a passage from “Tom Sawyer” and later “Huckleberry Finn.” She continued with the Laura Ingalls Wilder series of books. They included “Little House in the Big Woods,” “Little House on the Prairie,” “On the Banks of Plum Creek,” and “Farmer Boy.” Mrs. Mann’s readings mesmerized me as I put myself in the shoes of this family moving west and repeatedly rebuilding their lives. I visited the Woodsfield and Barnesville libraries and devoured every other book by Wilder that I could find. Read more

5 Habits You Need to Achieve Every Goal You Set for Yourself

By Peter Economy

The secret to success seems deceptively simple: Choose a handful of good life goals–and meet them. What ultimately proves to be the challenge, however, is not setting the goal–it’s making sure that you achieve them. Adopt these 5 powerful habits to start realizing your goals–and your dreams. Read more

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