3 Success Principles To Set And Achieve Your Goals

By Brian Tracy

If you seek opportunity in life, you’ll end up with all of the security you need. However, if you only seek security, you’ll end up with neither opportunity nor security.

The proof is that this is all around us, in the downsizing and reconstructing of corporations, where thousands of men and women who sought security are finding themselves unemployed for long periods of time.

A person makes his or her own luck by setting goals, following through and achieving them.

Follow these success principles to not only find more opportunities open up in your life but to find greater security as well. Read more

Early Risers are Happier, Healthier and More Productive Than Night Owls

By Ray Williams

Some people work best in the mornings, others in afternoons, and still others are night-owls and are more productive then. So goes conventional wisdom, which may be challenged from the perspective of happiness and productivity. Read more

5 Ways to Read More Books

Find a comfy nook and bring your favorite book… because these tips make it easy for you to start reading more right now.
You’ve probably said it to yourself 100 times before: I really need to start reading more. When you’re an out-of-the-habit adult with a full schedule, however, finding the time to pick up a book can be a challenge.

Read more

Four Tips for How to Become More Consistent

By Charlene Johnson

Being consistent is how we make progress in achieving our goals and having the life we want. Sometimes being consistent can be difficult because we know we want to make progress but have no clue how to set goals and hold ourselves accountable. These 4 tips will start you on your way to setting and achieving any goal you desire. Read more

Five Ways to Make 2016 the Most Productive Year Ever

By Mike Vardy

If you’re feeling you’ve let yourself down in the past because you haven’t kept up with your resolutions, don’t fret. Here are five ways to make this the most productive year ever – without a single New Year’s resolution. Instead, I’ll help you create a framework for your year so that you can maximize your potential.

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Visualization: A Key To Achieving Your Goals

By Z. Hereford

Visualization is an important personal development tool. Just as affirmations can help you motivate yourself and focus better to achieve your goals so can using visualization, or mental imagery. Read more

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