Personal Goals for 2016 That You’ll Love Reaching

By Scratch-or-Sniff

Ahh yes, the New Year. Resolutions are declared, gym memberships are purchased, and at least four people in your Facebook feed are doing some kind of cleanse. Instead of lofty, grandiose resolutions, how about some personal goals you’ll actually enjoy reaching? Read more

8 Lessons Learned Studying World-Class Achievers

By Marty Fukada

As someone who has aspirations but, admittedly, is not world-class at anything, I’m always curious about the origins of those who are the very best at what they do. I’ve learned eight lessons from studying the elite in professions from athletics to business and, occasionally, art to find out what makes them tick and how they reached such rarified air. Read more

10 Easy Things You Can Do To Start The New Year Right

By Karyn Greenstreet, Small Business Coach and Self Employment Expert

As we begin to roll towards January, we start to think of New Year’s resolutions. Instead of adding more stress to your life by listing 10 huge goals to accomplish in the next year, why not start off with 10 small things you can do to give you a feeling of instant success? Here are some suggestions to get you started: Read more

Five Tips for Planning Effective New Year Resolutions

By Gretchen Rubin

Forty-four percent of Americans make New Year’s resolutions, and I know I always do. I’m more inclined to make resolutions than ever, in fact, because if my happiness project has convinced me of anything, it has convinced me that resolutions –made right – can make a huge difference in boosting happiness. Read more

5 Creative and Fun Ways to Reach Your Financial Goals

By Alexa Mason

Regularly setting financial goals, and mapping out a plan to reach those goals, is a practice that can transform your life. The problem is, while it’s fun to think of big goals and imagine your dream life, it can be hard to find the motivation to take action. And actually sticking with the plan once you’ve created it, is even more of a hurdle. Read more

5 Timeless Principles You Can Apply to Be Truly Successful in Life

By AJT Santos

Do you find yourself wondering why there are people who appear to breeze through life effortlessly while some just can’t seem to catch a break? What do you think sets them apart from the herd? Read more

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