The Art of Focus: 10 Zen-Based Habits To Motivate You

By Doug Dvorak

It is possible to tap into the power of the zen school of thought when it comes to business.

In essence, zen is meditation, and it utilizes the power of thoughts, intuition and the power of being able to focus on what is truly important in life.

Even if you aren’t completely “zen” yet, you can still incorporate zen motivational habits to assist you in making the positive changes you want in your life a reality. Read more

The Best Way to Reach Your Goals May Be Publicly Recording Your Progress

By Patrick Allan

We’ve talked about using the public to motivate you before, but a recent meta-analysis of 138 different studies and experiments suggests it may, in fact, be the best method for making any real progress toward your goals.

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7 Steps to Achieving Your Goals

By Rhonda Abrams

If you’re like me, you have a small business to-do list that goes on and on: customers to call, contacts to make, products to get out the door, services to provide. Phew. It’s overwhelming just to look at it. Read more

17 Small Motivation Things to Do Every Day To Be Much Smarter

By Readers Read

Intelligence is flexible and there are a lot of things to give it a daily boost. For smart thinking your mind needs 3 things:

  1. To be trained in thinking processes
  2. To have plenty of information
  3. To focus on a problem or idea

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How to Beat Procrastination and Get More Productive with Your Work

By Josh Peachey

Douglas Adams – author of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy – once famously said: “I love deadlines. I love the whooshing sound they make as they fly by.” Although comical, managing time is sadly an imperative of everyday life – and one that becomes increasingly more important as life goes on. Read more

Rohn: A Good Life Contains These 6 Essentials

By Jim Rohn

The ultimate expression of life is not a paycheck. The ultimate expression of life is not a Mercedes. The ultimate expression of life is not a million dollars or a bank account or a home. The ultimate expression of life is living a good life. Read more

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