Five Ways Living Mindfully Can Help You Reach Your Goals

By Melanie Greenberg, Ph.D.

Have you spent a lot of time and money on psychotherapy or self-help books, yet you still feel stuck in unhealthy habits? Unfortunately, verbal insight and understanding do not always lead to changing self-destructive behaviors  (e.g. addictions, procrastination, angry outbursts) or removing distress. Knowing why you are depressed, anxious, or feeling pain doesn’t necessarily make you feel any better. However, if you get up and get active – walking, reaching out to friends, pursuing a hobby or creative activity, doing your yoga stretches, or even getting errands done, you will focus less on the negative feelings and they won’t last as long. Read more

10 Steps to Starting a New Habit and Creating Lasting Change in Your Life

by Melonie Dodaro

If you want to change a habit, and make an everlasting change, the first thing to do is raise your standards. Change the belief and desire you have of yourself in the area you wish to change. Write down all the things you’ll no longer accept or tolerate and all the things you want to become and achieve. What do you demand of yourself? Read more

4 Ways to Hold Yourself Accountable to Your Goals

by Alicia T Glenn

Over the past few years, I’ve struggled with staying consistent with goals that I set for myself. I would make goals, legitimate things I wanted to learn, or ways I wanted to better myself, and not stick to it. Read more

The Best Investment You Can Make

by Darren Hardy

I’m about to give you the best investment tip of your life. This is a tip I received originally from Brian Tracy more than 20 years ago, and it has produced a personal ROI (Return On Investment) of many millions of dollars. Read more

5 Motivation Secrets of Successful People

By Ajax Oliver

Because motivation is such a powerful, driving force, it is one of the most important elements of the corporate world and can be the difference between failure and success. However, since no two individuals are ever alike, whatever you use for motivation may not work for others, especially in business. Motivation enables individuals to overcome the challenges of setting and accomplishing goals in their lives by taking consistent action to do so. Read more

10 Doable Steps To Have 27 Hours Per Day

By Mohamad Zaki (Banji)

It’s a known fact that we each have 24 hours per day. You can be the prime minister of a country or the loitering teenager at the mall– nothing can change this fact.

Like every rigid rule in the universe, this too can be bent. Here are 10 methods to steal an extra 3 hours from the time bank. Read more

The 3 Things That Stop Most People From Achieving Their Goals

by Chris Winfield

How many goals have you set in your life? A hundred? Ten thousand? Even more?

How many of these goals have you actually achieved?

If you’re like most people, this second number is going to be a fraction of the first. A big reason is that as soon as you set a goal, three things emerge to stop you. But most of us don’t even realize what they are, and as a result, we are just left with our unaccomplished goal and an unshakable feeling of failure.

What if you could not only identify these obstacles but also learn to welcome them? Well, the good new is that you can…. Read more

3 Simple Ways to Achieve Any Goal

by Rachel Gillett

Tim Ferriss, author of “The 4-Hour Workweek,” is the king of habits and a self-proclaimed “human guinea pig.”

So you might think he has nerves of steel that help him accomplish just about anything he sets his mind to.

But according to Ferriss, you’d be wrong.

Read more