Why It’s Okay to Fail to Achieve Goals

By Nicole @ LivingInFlux

If you’ve read this site for any period of time, you know that I like to set goals for myself, both for the year and each month. You’ll also know that I sometimes fail to achieve goals that I set for myself. The F word. Fail. A big no-no. Right?

Wrong. Failing to achieve one’s goals gets a really bad rap. We’re constantly bombarded with messages about achieving our goals: why we should, how we should do it, what it says about us as people. While I believe in the importance of setting and achieving realistic stretch goals, I do think it’s okay to fail to achieve goals that we set for ourselves. Read more

Developing the Right Attitude to Support Goal Achievement

By Kevin Eikenberry

Achievers are always looking for ways to become more successful; to reach goals more quickly and with greater assurance. And, for centuries authors have been sharing the factors that help anyone reach their goals.

If you consider achievement and achievers, you hopefully would recognize that one piece of the goal achievement puzzle is attitude. Read more

10 Ways to Motivate Yourself and Regain Momentum when You Are Feeling Down

By Joel Simms

Sometimes you feel down…that’s normal. It comes with the territory called “being alive”.

Life is like a wave; and just like the wave, it has both troughs and crests. There has never been, and there will never be a wave that does not have a top and bottom, an up and a down.

Sometimes, you may feel so low that you think that “being up” or “feeling up” again is impossible. If you do, you are not alone…we’ve all been there…

Over the years, I’ve learned a number of ways to power my way up and out of the place called “down”. I’ve learned to create and regain Momentum and to motivate myself. Read more

5 Proven Methods For Gaining Self Discipline

By Jennifer Cohen

There are many important qualities that can contribute to a person’s achievements and happiness, but there is only one that begets sustainable, long-term success in all aspects of life: self discipline. Whether in terms of your diet, fitness, work ethic or relationships,  self discipline is the number one trait needed to accomplish goals, lead a healthy lifestyle, and ultimately, be happy. Read more

10 Ways Successful People Achieve Their Goals


Setting and achieving goals is one of the best ways to improve your life. Goals reduce boredom and the sense of drift that many people experience, plus working on your goals gives your self-confidence a great boost.

Let’s look at ten ways that successful people in various fields use goals to improve their lives. As with any approach, your results will vary depending on your commitment and understanding. Consider this article an introduction to the important principles of goals. Read more

6 Willpower Hacks to Help Achieve Your Goals


Some of the most rewarding and exhilarating times in life are when you achieve something you set out to do, right? You feel on top of the world! The opposite is also true: some of the most testing and depressing times in life are when you really want to have or do something, but you can’t muster up the willpower in that moment to do what you want. Read more

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