My Top 3 Tips to Help People Achieve Goals

By Emma-Louise

Whether it’s an exercise goal, yoga, meditation or some other new activity you want to make space for in your life, there are many things that can derail us. Life is so busy – and we always seem to be packing more in. But don’t let that stop you – instead make it easier to achieve goals with these tips!

Here are my All-Time Top 3 Fun and Action-Centered Tips to Help Your or Your Clients Achieve Goals:

  1. Do it EVERY day. Don’t say you’ll run/do yoga/meditate once or twice a week – do it DAILY. For less time if necessary – 10, 15 or 30 minutes a day. This way it’ll become a healthy habit. And if you DO miss a class or run, you’ll be right back at it – the NEXT day! A variation on this tip is to pick the day you’re NOT going to exercise and luxuriate in that!
    Example: I used to run twice a week. It was a chore. I would be tired, and miss one session. Not feel like the next one. and then it was only one day until the second run that week, so I may as well wait right? Well, I just decided to do short runs EVERY day. Now when I get up, I know I am going to run. No decision making. I just run. How easy is that? And it’s actually a multiple win as I have to walk the dog anyway and it saves me time too… See the next tip!
  2. Look for the MULTIPLE WINS. This is one of my favourite goal and action-setting tips. Ever. Find the action or solution that has MULTIPLE benefits. Or simply help your clients look for additional benefits so the mind has MANY reasons to WANT to go for it!
    Example: I had a client who wanted to get fitter. His answer? He decided to cycle to work. Turns out it took the same amount of time as driving AND he got the following Wins: Win 1) Saving money – gas and parking/bus fare AND gym membership! Win 2) Getting fitter, Win 3) Better for the environment (this was important to him), Win 4) Cycling through Stanley Park every morning left him feeling calm and connected to nature, Win 5) Losing the excess pounds, Win 6) Feeling strong and confident and an unexpected Win 7) New friends who also cycled to work!
  3. NO EXCUSES. We’re all full of them: I’m tired, coming down with something, don’t have time for a shower, need to get into work early, have a meeting then, need to pick up a birthday card etc. STOP making excuses. If you really are sick or super-tired, just don;t exercise! Don’t make excuses, simply don’t do it. Then, unless there’s a REALLY good reason (a REASON, not an excuse) DECIDE to exercise. If you don’t allow the excuses, they can’t stop you.

2 Bonus Fitness Goal Tips:

  1. MAKE IT FUN. Always wanted to Kayak? Bellydance? Love the views from a mountain top? Wearing bright clothes? Dancing? Exercise can be fun – when we let it. Help your client tap into a passion or desire for learning and it gets so much easier!
  2. DO IT WITH OTHERS. This is an oldie – but SUCH a goodie. Find an exercise buddy. Better than that, find a FEW exercise buddies. Even better, create an exercise ritual for before or afterwards – where you bond/support and encourage each other. This ritual could be as small as a verbal check-in from everyone while you get warmed up. But the more you BOND with your fellow exercisers the more you will want to be there. And you may just make some new or deeper friendships into the bargain!

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