How to journal your life goals: Keeping track of your bucket list

By Shoshana Jackson

Everyone should have life goals. Whether you have 10, 100 or 1,000, it’s important to write them out. However, writing your goals down won’t give you the focus and clarity you need to achieve them.

There’s a problem many people experience with life goals. They never accomplish many of them. While people feel the need to plan for short and long-term goals, most don’t make a plan for their life goals. After all, some of these goals may not happen for years and may change over time.

A great way to plan out your life goals is to journal. Here are a few ways you can use a journal to chart your life goals:

1. Buy a journal just for you life goals.

2. Decide how many life goals you want to start with and make sure you have at least one sheet in the journal per goal.

To make it easier to find your goals, as your book fills up, make the first two pages into a table of content. Write the name of each goal on a line and you can use this as a checklist of completed goals.

3. On each page write the number and name of your goal. For example, Goal #1 – I want to read over 100 books or Goal #5 – I want to get married.

4. For each goal you’ll leave one or more blank pages.

5. On each page you can journal your feelings, ideas, or dreams about the goal. You can plan how you will accomplish it.

6. As you begin to accomplish your goals, write the date and what you have achieved. You can also not the people you’ve met, experiences you’ve had and things you’ve learned.

7. As you remove items from your list, you can write the reason you no longer want that goal.

If you’re not a writer you can also do this on a computer. There are various sites that let you chart your goals, but the easiest way would be to use a service like Google Docs. You can create a folder and create a document or a presentation of each goal and include pictures and links.

This is an ongoing process, and may use many journals over the years. But, imagine having one place to see all of your life goals, through the years. On ongoing list of the progress you’ve made, how you’ve changed and grown as a person and what you’ve accomplished.

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3 Responses to “How to journal your life goals: Keeping track of your bucket list”
  1. Sergio Rodrigues says:

    I have a question not directly related to this topic. I have just bought your software and I would like to know how customize templates already available using my native language, Portuguese. Is it possible?

  2. admin says:


    The templates that come with the program cannot be customized, as they are the same for every user. However, you can create your own template based on a goal that is generated from the default template. Then you can customize however you want with your own template.


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