Ditch Your Resolutions — Set Financial Goals Instead


Now that the new year is completely underway, you might find yourself slipping on some of your resolutions. Maybe you’ve already given up.

Just because New Year’s resolutions aren’t your cup of tea, there’s no reason to avoidsetting financial goals. No matter the time of year, these are good to determine and achieve.

Here’s why setting financial goals can be a good idea: Read more

Goal Template: Start Eating Healthy

Eating healthy is easier than you might think. Use this template to adjust your daily diet over the next few weeks and you’ll see just how easy it is. By making small changes like these over time, and taking them one at a time, not trying to rush into all of them at once, the changes are more likely to stick.

To see details of this template, along with many other useful goal templates, please check out the Goal Templates page.

5 Creative and Fun Ways to Reach Your Financial Goals


Regularly setting financial goals, and mapping out a plan to reach those goals, is a practice that can transform your life. The problem is, while it’s fun to think of big goals and imagine your dream life, it can be hard to find the motivation to take action. And actually sticking with the plan once you’ve created it, is even more of a hurdle.

So how do you stay motivated to reach big goals when you struggle to keep going, or can’t find the inspiration to take the first step? If you have trouble staying on track, one of these unusual but fun techniques will no doubt help get your fire back. (They’ve certainly helped me.) Here are five ways to keep your eyes on the prize and actually enjoy the process. Read more

How to journal your life goals: Keeping track of your bucket list

By Shoshana Jackson

Everyone should have life goals. Whether you have 10, 100 or 1,000, it’s important to write them out. However, writing your goals down won’t give you the focus and clarity you need to achieve them.

There’s a problem many people experience with life goals. They never accomplish many of them. While people feel the need to plan for short and long-term goals, most don’t make a plan for their life goals. After all, some of these goals may not happen for years and may change over time. Read more

Goal Template: Start Working Out

You should work out because it makes you happy.
You should work out to make your life easier.
You should work out because it helps you win at life.
You should work out for your family and friends.
You should work out because you can.

To see details of this template, along with many other useful goal templates, please check out the Goal Templates page.

5 Proven Methods For Gaining Self Discipline

By Jennifer Cohen

There are many important qualities that can contribute to a person’s achievements and happiness, but there is only one that begets sustainable, long term success in all aspects of life – self discipline. Whether in terms of your diet, fitness, work ethic, or relationships,  self discipline is the number one trait needed to accomplish goals, lead a healthy lifestyle, and ultimately, to be happy. Read more

The 5 Secrets of Setting Short Term Goals

By Mike Brooks

When I talk to people about goal setting, I’m often surprised by their reactions. A lot of people tell me that they haven’t gotten around to setting life-time goals and identifying their values and coming up with specific, measurable bench marks, etc…

They tell me that goal setting takes too much time and energy, and that it will require days and weeks of work and that once they have the goals they’ll start to feel bad if they don’t reach them.

Some of the time people tell me they do have goals, but when I ask them about what they are, they come up with vague wants and “Gee, I hope I get some day” items that change with each paycheck. Read more

Goal Template: Quit Smoking

Each year hundreds of thousands of people quit smoking. So can you. It’s not easy, but quitting smoking is the single best thing you can do to improve your health and your quality of life. This template for quitting smoking focuses on two main factors of a successful quit attempt: awareness and support. Only people who truly understand that they want to quit themselves and determine to do so can really start to quit. Also first time quitters need all the support there is. Engaging in a community or group or friends and family that provide the needed emotional support can make all the difference.

To see details of this template, along with many other useful goal templates, please check out the Goal Templates page.

5 Steps You Must Take to Be Successful in Achieving Your Goals


Goals: We love them, we hate them, and we should never live without them. So many goals set and so little time to accomplish them or so little drive to pursue them!  How can you actually achieve your goals?

While there isn’t a magic wand that you can simply point at your goals and watch them become realities, you can definitely take steps to ensure you achieve the goals you set. Let’s explore the steps you can take but keep in mind that you are uniquely and wonderfully made; so take what you can use and tailor it to fit your needs. This isn’t a one-size-fits-all kind of deal, it’s about the journey to finding what drives you and keeps you focused on achieving the goals you set for your life. Read more

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