New GoalsOnTrack iPhone and iPad Apps

We are excited to announce the launch of new GoalsOnTrack iPhone and iPad (iOS7 style) mobile app, called “GoalsOnTrack App”. It’s available on App Store and ready for download now. Simply search for “goalsontrack” on App Store. This version is a complete redesign of the old iPhone app and is especially optimized for iPad users.

The new version has been designed to be fast, responsive, easier to use and more consistent with current web app. It syncs seamlessly across the iPhone, iPad and web versions. Now the app supports offline mode, where you can use the app without an internet connection. All your changes will be cached locally on your device and can be later synced with the server incrementally.

If you are new to GoalsOnTrack, please note that the new GoalsOnTrack iOS app is for current members only. So you will need an active account/login to access and use the app. If you have an older version of the iPhone app, please remove the old version and then re-install the new version to avoid crashes or potential sync problems.

We are always improving and would love to hear your feedback and suggestions. So please let us know what you think and tell us if there is any feature we can improve or add. Thanks!

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12 Responses to “New GoalsOnTrack iPhone and iPad Apps”
  1. Eric says:

    Hi, Are you going to update the app to support iOS8 and optimize for iPhone 6 Plus screen resolution? if yes is there a time flame? Many thanks for the software.

  2. Harry says:


    Yes, we are working on that. Let me know if you have any specific feature suggestions or requests.


  3. Tanya says:

    Can we sync back and from app to website and website to app? I can get the iphone app to reset to the website but I don’t seem to be able to get the website to sync with the app.

  4. admin says:


    Yes you should be able to sync in both ways. Try Settings -> Re-sync data option just in case any of the syncing sessions completed prematurely. Or try removing the app and re-install it.

  5. Gunter says:

    is there any chance to get the app in a better Resolution for IOS (IPhone 6+) like end of 2014 announced ?
    Thx a lot

    p.s.: and is it possible to get a statement of the Web App Redesign

  6. Bart says:

    Hi, I’m also interested in hearing about your progress in increasing the resolution of the iPhone app for the iPhone 6. Many thanks!

  7. admin says:


    We are working on a whole new version. If you just subscribe to our newsletter you will surely know when it is launched.


  8. Bart says:

    Hi Harry,
    Thank you for the update. I am a relatively new user but loving your app so far.
    I tend to use the web app in the morning at home when reviewing my goals but then move onto iOS devices later in the day while on the move, so the iOS version is the one I tend to use the most when logging progress etc. I have an iPhone 6 and also looking at a 12″ iPad Pro so an increased resolution would be fantastic.
    In terms of feature requests/suggestions, the ability to expand and collapse sub-goals on the main dashboard would be great – if you have a lot of sub-goals it can be hard to get a clear view of your main goals (I realise you can set sub-goals to be hidden on the dashboard but the ability to show them and expand/collapse them would be great). The same thing would apply on the actual Goals screen. I would have a few other suggestions as well which I’d be happy to share separately.
    Overall a fantastic system so keep up the great work!

  9. Bart says:

    Is there any update on the new version>

  10. Bart says:

    Hi just checking in again to see if there has been any progress towards the release of the new iOS version? Thanks

  11. Harry Che says:


    Thanks for your inquiry. We are actually working on a whole new version of GoalsOnTrack. There will not be an update to the current iOS version, but instead a all new version will take its place soon.


  12. I loved this post! I read your blog fairly often and you’re coming out with great stuff!
    I have shared this on my Facebook and my followers loved it!
    Keep up the good work 🙂

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