5 Steps to Hit Your Fitness Goals

By Pete Williams

Steven Jonas has completed 217 multisport events. He’s written five books ontriathlon training. He’s a professor of preventive medicine at Stony Brook University in New York who has written extensively on “mobilizing motivation.” So he knows a few things about setting training goals for a new year and harnessing the motivation to bring those goals to reality. At 74, Jonas also recognizes that athletic goals must be adjusted with age. Read more

6 Daily Motivation Habits That Successful Goal-Setters Use


The law of inertia says that things at rest tend to stay at rest; try to put that resting object in motion and you will certainly face some resistance. Isn’t it funny how this physical law can so easily describe what an unmotivated rut feels like?  Even the most motivated, multitasking, “how do they do it?” dynamos among us have slumps. Trying to find that daily motivation can be tricky–even overwhelming to the point where you aren’t even sure where to begin! So what do you do, when you’re faced with a rut or a schedule so jam-packed that you can’t seem to muster up the motivation to tackle it? There are a lot of tips and techniques Read more

7 Goal Setting Strategies for Succes

By Alissa Finerman

I firmly believe that everyone wants to live his or her best life. The question is what does “best” mean and how do you do it. Oprah talks about living your best life all the time, but what’s the first step in the process?

It’s important to realize there is a process, and setting goals is just one part of this process. Meaning, Read more

How To Accomplish Difficult Goals

– Be Persistent Like A Bear

By Yishan Wang

If you want to accomplish difficult goals, achieve things beyond what you’re supposed to do, the way to do so is to be inhumanly persistent.  Persistent like a bear.

There’s an interesting conundrum faced by the people who design trash disposal bins at national parks.  You see, bears try to break into the trash bins to eat leftover food, so the bins need to have locks on them.  However, the locks need to be simple enough so that a lazy human being can instantly figure out how to unlock it, because if the mechanism is too hard to figure out the human will just not bother and instead leave their trash in a pile next to the bin, where bears still end up getting it.  On the other hand, if the lock mechanism is too easy to open, the bears can figure it out and get into the bin. Read more

Top Tips for Setting Goals and Priorities


How do you plan your future?

Some people drift more or less aimlessly from day to day and year to year, without focusing on a long-term direction. Other people (the minority) set detailed goals and conform strictly to daily color-coded to-do lists.

Most people are in the middle, with hopes and dreams for the future, and either definite goals or a more vague plan. Usually people think hard about big decisions, but smaller ones tend to be driven more by moods and intuition. If you feel you would benefit from a more organized approach, aim to take the time each day to determine what you want to achieve and set specific goals. Below are a few tips to increase your chance of success: Read more

5 Ways to Boost Your Willpower

By Nadia Goodman

Think of the last time you struggled to focus on a boring or difficult task. Your wandering attention probably felt like it was outside your control, as if you suddenly lost the ability to focus and didn’t know how to regain it. We all feel that way sometimes.

Even in those moments, when you feel like you’re fighting against your own instincts, you can stop procrastinating and get focused. You just need to recharge your willpower. Read more

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