3 Reasons to Set Career Goals

by Daniel M. Wood

Goal setting is very important if you are to achieve results in any area of your life; Studies have shown that people who have set goals achieve about 10 times as much as those who do not.

The act of setting goals is very easy; it doesn’t take much time and the benefits by far out way the effort.

3 Reasons to set goals in your career

1. Long term mindset helps you make better decisions
Research has shown that the best decisions are made when you consider how an action will affect you 15-20 years down the line. If you ask yourself how this decision will effect your long term career your odds of making the right decision increase dramatically.

2. Goals are a source of motivation
Knowing exactly what you want is a great source of motivation, it tells you why you are working hard and what benefit the work will give you.

It gives you a chance to sit back whenever you need to and see your life as it will be in the future, it becomes a beacon of hope that drives you towards success.

3. You will be more successful
When you set goals you activate a range of activities; your subconscious starts working on ways to make it reality and the law of attraction will start drawing opportunities to you.

When you have a firm target you have reason to work and it is easier to create a plan of action that you can take to succeed. When you know what you want you can make a plan, a plan you can follow and use to make your success more likely.


One Response to “3 Reasons to Set Career Goals”
  1. Setting goals helps a person visualize their future and see what the benefits of working hard could be. Without goals, you are simply live day-to-day without a plan for the future.

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