5 Reasons You Should Take Action on Your Goals NOW!

By Nicola Bolt

Taking action on our goals doesn’t only provide the benefit of seeing our goals brought to fruition and the joy we will feel when we reach that point.  Between the start and the end, or, between now and then, there are many other excellent reasons and/or benefits which we can enjoy en route that will help to fuel our resolve to keep going.  Let’s take a look at five of these reasons. Read more

Staying Young: A Matter of Body, Mind and Spirit

by Katrina M. Mayer, Ph.D.

Forget the wrinkle cream. Toss the pills and powders. Ditch that funny contraption you bought on an infomercial at 2 a.m. Staying young doesn’t have to dent your budget. And it certainly doesn’t have to leave your pillowcase greasy. To regain your youth, or perhaps even turn back the clock, you can have fun – without spending lots of time, energy, or money.

Staying young, however, does take an understanding that body, mind, and spirit are interconnected. What good is a “young” 90-year-old body if your mind and spirit have grown old? Or, how would you feel if your mind was sharp, but physically and spiritually you weren’t at your peak? You get the idea. Without the balance of all three, staying young wouldn’t be worthwhile.

So how do we do this? How do we stay young in body, mind, and spirit? What steps do we take? Read more

The Consistency Contest

by Jim Stovall

This time of year as the weather lends itself toward outdoor activities, the emergency rooms of hospitals all across the country are filled with “weekend warriors.” “Weekend warriors” are middle-aged, former, or would-be athletes who have decided to begin exercising again or take up where they left off in their sports career. Unfortunately, they see no need to ease back into physical activity. They believe that they can simply pick up where they left off when they were in high school.

Success in exercise, sports, or in our business and personal lives, comes from a long-term, consistent performance, not a short-term sprint. Read more

The Top Six Ways to Stay Motivated

by Chris Widener

I receive many emails from people that basically ask the same question: How can I keep myself motivated long term? This seems to be quite a common dilemma for many people so I want to address it because it can be done! Here are my tips for staying motivated:

Get motivated every day.

Zig Ziglar was once confronted about being a “motivational speaker.” The guy said to him, “You guys come and get people hyped up and then you leave and the motivation goes away. It doesn’t last, and then you have to get motivated again.” Read more

Why the Law of Attraction Will Not Help You Achieve Your Goals Unless You Obey the 4 Laws of Action

By Karim Ismail

Do you think you can you really just think and grow rich?

Well, you’re in for a rude awakening. I am sure that even Napoleon Hill would agree with me that you cannot merely think and grow rich. The Law of Attraction only works when paired with what I like to call the Law of Action.

As a former manager of large building projects, I know that you can’t think a building into being. That would be absurd. Yes, every project begins with a vision and inspiration. But you can only visualize for so long. For the building to take form you need detailed blueprints. Then you need to assemble the right materials. And, finally you need to hire the right people with the right skills set.

Why would you think that’s any different with your business and life goals? I’ve talked to many people who visualize and use affirmations waiting for the Law of Attraction to work but they remain stuck in a rut.  They’re sitting around wondering why they’re not making any progress. Read more

You’ll Feel Better If You Set Modest Goals

By Timi Gustafson

A recent study, jointly conducted by researchers from Harvard University, Stanford University and the University of Houston, got my attention. Its objective was to test how achieving or failing to achieve certain goals impacts people’s happiness level.

What the scientists found was hardly surprising: Meeting expectations results in a greater degree of satisfaction than missing them. However, more importantly, they also discovered that participants in the study who aimed for more modest and realistic goals not only accomplished them in great numbers but also felt more gratified, even if their achievements were comparatively lower.

For the study, which was published in the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, the participants were divided into two groups and Read more

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