16 Habits For Successful Self And Time Management

By Ologundudu Abraham

Here are some habits noted of highly effective persons. The list is unending but you can work on the followings while adding to the list until you are satisfied of your personal effectiveness.

1. Write Down Goals.

Writing down goals, aims and objectives enables us to clarify our needs and focus upon them. It also makes you committed to yourself.

2. Remove Clutter.

Removing clutter from everyday life allows us to focus better upon what is important. Getting clutter out of right is a good way to keep it out of our minds.

3. Plan Ahead

Planning the use of our time enables us to use that time more effectively, particularly when we are faced with several demanding tasks. Having a plan in place also means that we can gauge our progress and therefore gain satisfaction and motivation.

4. Prioritize Tasks

Set priorities for each day using the ABCD category grid based upon urgency and important:

  • A- Act Now
  • B- Better Earlier
  • C- Chase Later
  • D- Do, Delegate or Dump

5. Prevent Procrastination

Procrastination is the enemy of success and achievement. People who are more effective get more done by doing things right away.

6. Know Your Feelings

Getting in tune with your feelings is essential to understand others’ emotional states and what impact you have upon them. Feelings are the precursors to action and we need to know what motivates others to act or not to act in the ways they do.

7. Be Decisive.

Being decisive about a countless number of daily events is far more effective than dithering or not making decisions. Individuals who do not know what they want in life or lack direction, or have no plan or suffer great stress will all have some difficulty in making good decisions.

8. Maintain Self Discipline

Keeping a tight rein on your thoughts is a precursor to control over your actions. Self-discipline is much easier when we have internalized the core values and beliefs that make us who we are.

9. Accept Others’ Opinions

Accepting others’ opinions does nothing to devalue our own opinions. It also means that we do not need to defend or justify our own opinions.

10. Build Trust

Building trust is like building a spider’s web- it takes much time and skill to develop and yet can be destroyed in an instant. Build your ability to give trust in order to gain trust from people.

11. Work Toward Win-Win

Working towards solutions to problems where each party gains something useful is preferable to those where one or more parties feel they have lost out. Achieving workable compromise is usually the target of great personalities.

12. Think Positively

Adopt a positive mental attitude to self and work. We are the person with control over the way we choose to think. We’re what we think of. Stay positive.

13. Maintain Self Control

Keep your emotions under some degree of control particularly when facing a challenging situation. You will be able to plan better how to deal with the challenge and achieve better outcomes.

14. Develop Self Confidence

Developing self-confidence means adopting good practices in thinking, speaking and behaving. It is strongly reinforced by a sense of achievement and by positive feedback from others.

15. Improve Willpower

Improving our ability to do what we planned to do even in the face of tough opposition develops willpower. Highly effective people know this and are very determined to succeed.

16. Pursue Excellence

Try to achieve excellence at what you do best and you will attract admiration and respect from many. Everyone wants to hear from an expert.


One Response to “16 Habits For Successful Self And Time Management”
  1. Ellen says:

    A good post with lots of strong ideas about goal setting. For me, clearing the clutter around me and in my mind is a critical part – I find it hard to start with a ‘clear desk’. I also agree that being decisive is helpful – if you only read each email once and action it, and not lots of times, it really saves time!

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