More Ways to Track Your Goal Progress

Just wanted to give you a quick update on what’s new with the GoalsOnTrack. We have made some improvements to the goal progress tracking functions so that now you can specify a starting point for your goal. Once you enter a start progress, your accumulative progress percentage will be based on that, toward your goal progress target.

This will be convenient for setting goals like savings goals. For example, if you set a goal to save $10,000, but now you already have $5000 saved before you start this goal, you can then put $5000 as the progress start.

We have also added an option for you to manually update a goal progress, without using the task outcomes. This will be useful if your goal’s measurable progress doesn’t exactly correlate with task completion. For example, for most weight loss goals, you can manually enter your exact weight as a way to update the goal progress. Or for goals like, reading a book,  you can put the exact page number as the goal progress.

These new features are entirely optional, and if you don’t need to use them, do nothing as they will not affect in any way how your goals have already been setup.



4 Responses to “More Ways to Track Your Goal Progress”
  1. Markel says:

    Great addition! Now the versatility for tracking the progress of the goals improved considerably. The progress bars can now reflect the “True” progress of the goal much more effectively.

    Note:In order to use these new features you must set a numeric figure on the progress target (e.x 100%) and put a zero (0) on the Progress start. Otherwise if you don’t put anything the new features are not applicable.

  2. This is a good improvement! Thanks a lot, @goalsOnTrack

  3. Marcelo says:

    Excellent feature but not working for me. I set zero on progress start but nthing happens when I update the progress start field. How to make that work?

  4. Harry Che says:


    The progress start field is just the starting range of the your entire goal progress. To make it show progress, you still need to complete a task. When completing a task, it will ask you what progress you have made. If your goal manually update checkbox is checked, it will ask you to enter the exact progress (should be a number between start to target). If manual update is not checked, you will just enter the task outcome, that is, the progress made just by that task itself. Then the program will sum up all the task outcomes as your goal progress.

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