SMART New Year’s Resolutions

By Mark Stevenson

With the end of the year fast approaching, many of us are starting to revisit our old goals and start planning for new ones. However, in this article I want to show you how to achieve goals that you will actually be able to stick to this year!

Thank goodness for New Year’s Day. A regular opportunity to reassess our lifestyles, rethink our goals and plan some positive self-improvement for the rest of the year. But despite our wholesome intentions, the overwhelming majority of us fail to see them through before January is up. But rather than blame our fleeting willpower, perhaps we need to review our resolutions themselves. Are we setting the bar too high to reach? This year, remember the SMART rule. Keep your goals Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Timely.

Make sure that any goal you plan is clear, not generic. If possible, set deadlines to reach each stage of your goals. If your resolution is to reach a goal weight, set a specific weight you want to reach or pair of jeans you want to fit into. Create weekly goals to reach to keep you motivated and act as a reminder.

If your resolutions are measurable, it makes them much easier to set and then track your progress. If one of your goals is to save more money, don’t just state you want to save. Put a financial target in place, and map out how you will reach that amount by a set date.

There’s no point in setting unreachable targets as New Year’s resolutions. You’ll only fail and feel bad about it. If you have a certain objective in mind, really assess how feasible it is to reach. If you want to do weekend charity work, make sure you actually do have the time.

If you have a long-term plan for your life, make sure that any goal you set for the new year is aligned to the direction you want to take. If your goals aren’t geared for your life path it will be easy to stray from them.

If you don’t create a timeline for achieving your goals, then you could find it much harder to keep up, feel motivated and stay focused. Identify what you want to accomplish and when you want to accomplish it by and reassess it regularly to make sure you are on track.

New Year’s resolutions are about organising your life, improving your habits and taking on
responsibility. Taking up life insurance ticks all of the SMART checkboxes. Get an affordable life insurance quote today.

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One Response to “SMART New Year’s Resolutions”
  1. Great tips! We agree that the key to successful new years resolutions is to set measurable goals. If you make the same long laundry list of resolutions year after year, you aren’t doing yourself any favors! Zippy Shell and all our franchises are big advocates of getting organized. To better succeed, whether in your career, family, health, etc, it is so important you take control of your immediate environment. Organizing your home will provide you a healthy environment leaving you energized and able to invest in other areas of your life. De-clutter and De-stress!

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