10 Ways to Achieve your Goals Quicker

By Leon Ho

Found through Be Excellent Blog, recently ThinkTQ.com announced the results of 2005 Goals Study. They considered 10 important key actions that once taken will make you closer to the goal. They also compiled how often and well people take these action items. The key actions are pretty neat. The results are shocking:

  1. Make all your dreams real by first identifying and then focusing on specific, tangible targets for what you want.
  2. Maintain at least one clearly defined goal for every major interest and role in your life.
  3. Set your goals so they are directly aligned with your life’s mission, purpose and passion.
  4. Create goals high enough to ignite your spirit and inspire you to take action.
  5. Write down all your goals in specific, measurable detail.
  6. Absolutely, unconditionally commit to hitting each of your targets.
  7. Share your goals with others for mutual accomplishment.
  8. Set a whole series of related daily, weekly and long-term goals, complete with starting times and completion dates.
  9. Take 10 minutes every day to imagine how terrific it will feel when your goals are actually realized.
  10. Take an action step toward the attainment of at least one goal every day.

In their sample size of 32,896 users who took the survey, the results are not promising. Only a maximum of 33% users consistently take the action item. Maybe most of them do not know how to achieve their goals, or they never plan their goals. Without a way to walk closer to your goal, you will only be dreaming about the achievement. You have to be a dreamer as well as a doer to taste the achievement in reality.


2 Responses to “10 Ways to Achieve your Goals Quicker”
  1. Interesting points! In my experience there are two things that are required to achieve goals.
    1) Visualize your huge goal before going to sleep and when taking up. Imagine living a life where that goal has been achieved. see it in as much details as possible. Make sure it’s fun and enjoyable – negative feelings not required!
    2) Each day take 3 small actions in the general direction of that big goal. Do not worry about all what steps you need to be taking in a years time. Only focus on the steps, small steps, that you can take today. Do them. Then get on with the rest of your day…

    3 small steps, taken daily, will get you there!

  2. Harry Che says:


    Great advice. I believe that your two steps are the key to solving two major difficulties with our failing to reach a goal:

    1) Forgetfulness about our goal, and
    2) Not taking enough action.

    In addition to visualization, or for people who may not be comfortable with it, I would suggest writing it down instead, and do it everyday and turn it into a habit.

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