IE 9 Compatibility Issues

Some users have reported having problems in using certain features under Microsoft Internet Explorer 9. They may happen when you try to update tasks or reorder goals. There seems to be some compatibility issues with IE9 in our app, which should work fine in all other browsers(Chrome, Firefox, Safari), and all other versions of IE(including IE8), except IE9.

We are working on a solution to resolve these issues and to make it all work for IE9 users, but in the meanwhile, you may try any of the following which some users have found to be effective in dealing with general IE9 compatibility issues with many sites, especially web applications.

1. Reset your IE9 to default settings:

2. Use IE9’s Compatibility View ( click top menu Tools -> Compatibility View)

3. Make sure your browser Javascript (Active Scripting setting) is enabled.

4. Revert back to IE8:

5. Remove Divx plug-in:

If you still have problem using the app with IE9, please let us know which function doesn’t work for you, your browser and operating system version numbers. We’ll try our best to fix it for you.

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