New Feature: Habits linked to Goals

We have launched a new feature which allows you to link habits to any goals that you are actively working on.

This feature will help you better organize your habits. You may want to arrange the order of the habits by assigning which goals they belong to. On Habits page, they will be displayed in the order of the goals they are linked to, as shown in the screenshot below.

By default, those habits that haven’t been assigned to any goals will just show under the “Habits” heading.

Once you have assigned habits goals, on the Dashboard page, you may choose to show only those habits for a particular goal category.

We’re still working on the best way to integrate the habit strength with goal progress tracking. We have a few ideas about this. If you have any suggestion or feedback regarding this function, please do let us know.


2 Responses to “New Feature: Habits linked to Goals”
  1. CC says:

    Hey there!

    Great tool. I think that linking a habit to a goal is a fantastic idea, but, as you say, it doesn’t allow seeing the progress we’re making toward that goal.

    One way I see this could be possible is:
    Tying a habit to a TASK. Since a task can see its % of completion change, we could use the % of completion of a habit we’re trying to forge with the % of completion of a task.

    Would that work?

  2. Harry Che says:

    Yes, that would probably work. Thanks for the suggestion!

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