Secrets of greatness: Practice and hard work bring success

I came across this old article from CNN Fortune Magazine archives, written by Geoffrey Colvin a few years ago. It reveals the research based observations on what truly contributes to greatness and success:

What makes Tiger Woods great? What made Berkshire Hathaway (Charts) Chairman Warren Buffett the world’s premier investor? We think we know: Each was a natural who came into the world with a gift for doing exactly what he ended up doing. As Buffett told Fortune not long ago, he was “wired at birth to allocate capital.” It’s a one-in-a-million thing. You’ve got it – or you don’t.

Well, folks, it’s not so simple. For one thing, you do not possess a natural gift for a certain job, because targeted natural gifts don’t exist. (Sorry, Warren.) You are not a born CEO or investor or chess grandmaster. You will achieve greatness only through an enormous amount of hard work over many years. And not just any hard work, but work of a particular type that’s demanding and painful.

Buffett, for instance, is famed for his discipline and the hours he spends studying financial statements of potential investment targets. The good news is that your lack of a natural gift is irrelevant – talent has little or nothing to do with greatness. You can make yourself into any number of things, and you can even make yourself great.

Read for the full article here: What it takes to be great

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2 Responses to “Secrets of greatness: Practice and hard work bring success”
  1. Veehcirra says:

    Wow, thanks for sharing this!! It’s true, I believe anyone has a chance to be great, even the most successful and famous people did start from somewhere!

  2. Harry Che says:

    Thanks Veehcirra. We all need to start from somewhere, and keep moving.:-)

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