How to Achieve a Goal

High Performance Goal Setting Advice for Anyone Looking to Achieve a Goal.

by Alex Work

Everyone says that the best way to achieve a goal is to lay out the SMART principles. If only setting goals were only so simple! As with any process, there are nuances and techniques to making it work better.

Here is what the SMART fundamentals don’t address about whenever you want to achieve a goal–

To Achieve a Goal, You Must Be Prepared For Failure.

No matter how well we lay our plans, no matter how carefully we consider our goals, inevitably something will happen that will make us doubt ourselves. It could be a part of our plan flunking, it could be the unexpected resistance of the competition, or maybe you just weren’t realistic enough with the time given to achieve a goal.

Whatever the case may be, failures, setbacks and roadblocks should be anticipated before you even take that first step to achieve a goal. The fact is that life isn’t perfect, and no matter how awesome our intentions and how well we plan, things will inevitably go awry. The key here is what are you going to do when that happens? Are you going to throw your goal plan away and shelf that goal? Or are you going to adapt and adjust?

Whenever You Want to Achieve a Goal, Make it Bigger than Yourself.

Selfish goals are okay. I am by no means disputing them. But you can make your goals more powerful (and that much more likely to be accomplished) by making them larger than just yourself.

Here’s an example: If you wanted to lose weight, you could start a blog detailing your journey. Not only would it make you more accountable to yourself, but your journey becoming public can give others inspiration to do the same.

If to achieve a goal would mean to become a certain vocation, such as a lawyer, what part of that job would allow you to give back to others? List the motivations you have for wanting to achieve a goal, and make sure you put in a couple reasons that are bigger than yourself.

Build the Support System Around You.

Many people neglect this aspect of goal setting. It is easy to overlook—after all, the people we are surrounded by have probably been there for as long as we remember. It is easy to overlook thinking whether or not they are beneficial to our long-term success.

Perform a realistic evaluation of the people around you—are they supporting your goals and dreams? Or are they making it more difficult for you to achieve a goal? We all have enablers, naysayers and pessimists in our lives. We like to think that we are strong enough to deflect their negativity, but it is very, very difficult to do this on a daily basis and not be infected by those little seeds of doubt.

It is exponentially more easy to achieve a goal when you surround yourself with tough, unconditional love and those who want to see you succeed.

To Achieve a Goal, Your Plans Cannot Wait for Tomorrow.

We are conditioned for the path of least resistance. We want things easy and clean. The reality is, the goal setting process can often be neither of these things. This is one of the reasons we often put it off until tomorrow or even worse, “someday.”

When you are writing out your goals, make the first step of that goal plan something you must do today. This is absolutely imperative. Don’t give yourself the leash to start tomorrow, because you will give yourself the same old excuses then. “Oh, I’ll start tomorrow when I feel more up to it.” B.S.! Start today, and even better, start right now!

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