Four Step Plan To Goal Setting

Guest post by Peter G. James Sinclair

When it comes to goal setting, we can at times make the process so complex that we’re put off by the whole process of goal setting, and as a result we fail to even set the goal. We make out the process to be so hard that it just becomes too hard. So that is why I have simplified the process by breaking it down into four simple steps.

Write the goal, write your daily plan of action, share the goal with others so you are held accountable, and lastly take action.

Follow these four steps and watch your life unfold like never before. Here’s a little more detail for you. Don’t delay. The time to take action is today.

1. Establish a goal and write it down.

I look at it this way. A blank cheque won’t purchase you anything. It’s only after you’ve written on it and signed it that a cheque gains its power to purchase. The same with a goal. It is a written commitment to you. It is a personal declaration of your intention. That is why I write my goals and carry them around with me in my wallet. From time to time I can refer to them and be reminded of the path that I have laid out before me. Goal setting works!

2. Write down your daily plan of action.

The trouble with most people who do not believe in goal setting, or who have tried goal setting and failed, is that they have thought that by simply writing a goal down, that it will automatically come to pass. WRONG! A goal without a plan of action, followed by consistent action, is as useful as never having written a goal at all. Goals are powerful tools that cement within your sub-conscious the path you will take. It is the road-map you hold as you pursue and reach your destination.

3. Share your goal with someone who will keep you accountable.

Support is of vital importance. Tell your ‘supportive’ family and friends about your goal. Get them to make you accountable. For there is nothing like someone who is close to you to remind you of what you’ve decided to change. Without it you’ll find the going tough. Find someone who will share in your victories with joy and in your failures with encouragement. They’ll lift you up when you’re down and keep you level headed when you’re soaring.

4. Act on that plan now.

Act Now! Take action without delay. Don’t forget to encourage your support group to keep you on your toes. No mercy! Begin immediately and be committed to your goal. When I decide to write a book I don’t wait for a whole chapter to appear in my head. I grab one word by the throat and thrust it onto the page. My book has begun. Now all I have to do is capture thousands more words and the job is completed, word-by-word. Got the plan? Act!


One Response to “Four Step Plan To Goal Setting”
  1. Ade Ogunyinka says:

    This article perfectly describes what i do. I always have my pocket planner in my pocket as ideas, plans could come to mind at anytime and i write them down. People always give me that look as if i am old and senile (im in my thirties) without a good memory but, i always tell them that it keeps me focussed on things that needs to be done instead of playing to the wind. There no satisfaction as great as looking over your pencilled thoughts or goals and marking the ones you accomplished at the end of the day/ month/ year.

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