Write Down Your Goals, and Make them Positive

To help with focus and to stop straying of the path of success, the need to clearly target your aim is a must.

Distractions are everywhere in the modern world, but having your end goal written down serves to have a mark in the sand to gravitate towards and also to make a contract with ourselves.

Start your goal setting and stop procrastinating.

Positivity begets more positive responses. When you are goal setting and have a goal that says “I want to achieve wealth to create a fantastic lifestyle for my family” you have a instant mindset that says if I do this with the right attitude I can succeed.

Make your goal setting list energetic and positive to match the energy you need to achieve.

If on the other hand your goal is “I hate being poor, it makes me miserable and I just want to get out of debt”, you have created an instant negative mindset which will make you and your actions negative .

It is very difficult to achieve positive results with a misery mindset.


5 Responses to “Write Down Your Goals, and Make them Positive”
  1. i just achieved a goal i wrote down in September 2009, goals really do come true if you write them down. great post

  2. Harry Che says:

    That’s great. Congratulations!

  3. Harry, this is a great reminder of where it’s important to focus one’s time and energy. I think what’s significant here is that writing down goals has a kind of magic ‘attraction’ effect. By writing goals down you move towards them at the same time they move towards you! It’s so experiential it cannot be explained until you see the incredible results for yourself.

  4. Harry Che says:

    So true, Richard. Writing things down tends to have a subtle psychological effect that helps us focus and attract what we want to accomplish. Many people don’t like to write things down probably because they hate their handwriting, but there are ways to improve and enjoy even if you write “poorly.”

  5. Ajayvignesh says:

    I have been trying to set my life time goals. But never got a chance to get close to it. My life just goes on. I know we should set short term and long term goals. Whenever I give a try, lots of things pops in my mind and eventually nothing comes out well as set-goal. Can you help me on this? BTW, I just followed your twitter @GoalsOnTrack.

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