3 Important Habits Shared by a Multi-millionaire CEO

We all know good habits can really build a persion or destroy a person. Here are 3 important habits shared by SparkPeople CEO, Chris Downie, in an online interview. (For full interview click here)

If you had to identify 3 important habits that you’ve acquired that had helped you to become what you are today – what would they be?

Great, question! Here are three I can think of:

  1. Drive to Continually Improve Myself

    This originated from the desire to overcome anxiety. I think the best way to improve yourself is through doing something – getting real life experience at something. Of course, reading great authors and other material can give you a good head start.

  2. A Real Focus On Execution Once I Set Goals

    Setting big goals is easy, reaching them is much harder. One of my favorite motivational techniques is to build a vision collage. I did this when I was at P&G when I set a goal to become an entrepreneur. I cut out pictures that represented my goals and hung that picture in my office. Then, anytime I was feeling down, I could look at those aspirational pictures and keep my real goals in mind. I’m also a fan of telling people about your goals.

    At SparkPeople, from day 1 our goal was to help millions of people. This sounded ludicrous at the beginning. But, now I’m starting to talk about increasing our potential to helping tens of millions of people!

  3. A Revelation that “Your Daily Actions and Words Impact More People Than You’ll Ever Realize!”

    This is what eventually led to SparkPeople and my goal to help other people. I came up with this quote when working at P&G. A co-worker started using my program. She then transferred to another location and I didn’t see her for about 6 months, but stayed in touch via email.

    When I saw her again, she had lost 50 pounds. She told me she had been waiting to see me in person to tell me I had changed her life. She had started a walking group at her location where the others said, “Pat, if you can do it, we can do it!” So, my small actions to improve myself had helped this co-worker and then she was motivating other people. In other words, nobody can tell the ultimate impact once they help someone.

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4 Responses to “3 Important Habits Shared by a Multi-millionaire CEO”
  1. Denny says:

    well these 3 things may actually be the most important once
    I’d add gratitude and visualization, but maybe it’s in there somewhere 🙂

    good post


  2. Shawn says:

    So in other words,

    – To get anywhere u need to do something / execute for yourself
    – If you visualize and set goals, you’ll end up executing
    – Then you need to make these daily habits

    Now here’s social proof using a habit / goal setting / visualizing software, buy it.

    I would still be sold if you said it like this.

  3. Arnold says:

    I like this it is clear cut and make sense.

  4. syed ovais hassan says:

    Great and practical points.Only requirements are to be consistent in implementation

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