Goal Printout, Subgoals, Habits, SSL access, etc.

We recently fixed a bug in CSS stylesheets which affect how the pages are printed out from your web browser. If you used to have problem in printing out your goals and tasks pages, you may want to check again as this problem has already been fixed.

A few days ago some users reported their confusion about goals, subgoals and habits. Here is a brief clarification. Subgoals are for chunking down a bigger goal into smaller goals, so that you only need to work on subgoals, while the parent goal’s progress is still being tracked. This helps to keep you motivated as it links the daily actions/results on subgoals to the overall parent goal. Some people also use subgoals for short term goals.

Habits are not directly related to goals, but they’re useful in forming/transforming behavior patterns that are often necessary when trying to reach a difficult goal. Also some people use them for personal or health related goals, such as workout, diet etc.

Just a reminder: If you wish to access your account via SSL, the login URL is https://secure.goalsontrack.com/login.

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