Ten Steps to Success In Anything

By Allen Loomis

It does not matter how big your goal or dream is, this ten step guide will enable you to achieve success in anything. Have you ever wondered if there was something more you should be doing with your life? I often wondered that very same question before I got interested in the self improvement field.

My childhood was encompassed by a series of failures. My mother was a great person, but I often wondered why she failed over, and over again. What’s the difference that makes the difference between her and someone successful?

I came to the conclusion that continuous action in the right direction was the solution. My mother always worked hard, but she worked hard for everyone else. She never worked hard to better her own circumstances. She worked her full time job, saved as little as she could, until the next problem would arise and everything was lost. She wasn’t taking the right actions. You have to be focused on what you want, figure out a plan towards that goal, with the main focus point to learn as much as you can along the way. Take continuous action with this ambition, and watch your life unfold the way it should.

Here is my plan, that I use for every goal I make. I give it to you in hope that you will use it to unlock your full potential. Success Demands Action. Using this plan for your dreams and goals is the first step. Go through the ten steps below to accomplish any goal. Make yourself a Success binder with tabs for each step. Will you take action?

1. Make the Choice

Get clear on what you want. True success does not happen by accident. You have to choose to be successful. What’s your choice? Will you take the action necessary to reach your goal, at all costs?

If your answer is yes please use this affirmation and read it out loud each morning before you wake up and each night before you go to bed.

“I (Your name) promise myself to take continuous action every day to achieve my goals and dreams. Each day in every way I am becoming more and more successful. My Success is simply just a matter of time. I have made the choice to be successful. I am taking action.”

2. What’s your purpose?

Why do you wish to accomplish this goal? There needs to be a purpose other than just wanting to make a boat load of money.

Answer these questions and go over them at least once a week.

What can this goal do for others?
How will accomplishing this goal change my life?
How would this goal leave the world a better place?

3. What are you good at?

I believe that everyone has certain gifts. Make a list of all the things you are good at that relate to your goal. Be specific, state how each one of these talents will help you reach your goals.

4. The one hour Success System

This process is designed to calm, enlighten, inspire, and heighten your imagination. Starting out each day right, is key to making each day successful.

Daily One Hour Success System

  • 10 minutes of eating fresh fruit and stretching.
  • 10 minutes of reading daily Self Improvement topics.
  • 20 minutes meditating.
  • 20 minutes writing your thoughts in a journal.

5. Make A Time Line

Break your main goal down into several smaller goals and pick an exact date when you plan on accomplishing each goal. Being specific and precise is key. I would break your goal down into 5 small goals. The last goal of the time line being your main goal.

6. Why must you achieve this?

List all the material reasons why you want to achieve this goal. Be as greedy as you would like.

7. What would happen if you did not achieve this?

Make a list on all the reasons that you do not want to fail. Go over this list often. List how the goal will benefit your life, and how it will burden you if you don’t. We all have neuron pathways that are created based off of our current beliefs. These pathways create impulses that create how we act underneath our conscious mind. When we change our beliefs we change our neuron path ways. One of the easiest ways to change a belief is by associating pain with that belief. Make sure you list all the reasons you want to achieve your goal, and all the reasons why your life would be painful if you do not.

8. Seek Out Smarter People

We cannot possibly be a expert in everything. Successful people leave clues. Seek out other people who are successful that can help you along the way. Leverage other peoples knowledge to help increase your circumstances.

9. Exceed Expectations

Always give it your all, one hundred and ten percent. Don’t tell the world what you can do, show it.

10. Develop the Action habit

Make a plan each night for the next day. Manage your time well, and you will make the most out of each day. The more action you can take each day, the sooner you will reach your goal.

~ ~ ~

Action Oriented Goal Setting System

One of GoalsOnTrack‘s powers lies in the action oriented goal tracking mechanism. The software is designed so that the only way you can make progress on a goal is by taking action. This helps to motivate you to gradually develop the action habit which is required to reach any goals.

Take action and give it a try today. Find out more >>


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Goal Printout, Subgoals, Habits, SSL access, etc.

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A few days ago some users reported their confusion about goals, subgoals and habits. Here is a brief clarification. Subgoals are for chunking down a bigger goal into smaller goals, so that you only need to work on subgoals, while the parent goal’s progress is still being tracked. This helps to keep you motivated as it links the daily actions/results on subgoals to the overall parent goal. Some people also use subgoals for short term goals.

Habits are not directly related to goals, but they’re useful in forming/transforming behavior patterns that are often necessary when trying to reach a difficult goal. Also some people use them for personal or health related goals, such as workout, diet etc.

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How to Make Progress Every Day, Even if it is in Your Mind

From top3goals.com

The key to achieving your goals is making consistent progress toward your objectives. All too often, however, your best plans for working on your goals get derailed by daily distractions, shifts in your available time, and commitments that take longer than they should. Rather than letting these things set you back permanently, how can you make progress everyday, even if it is just in your mind?

Engaging the Power of Your Mind

The first thing to remember is that your mental progress on goals is often underestimated. You may be tracking your progress in hours, but you should also think about the quality of the time you spend on your goals. Your mental engagement with any given goal is the ultimate factor in whether or not that goal is ultimately achieved.

Thus, even if you can’t put in physical hours on your goal progression plan, you can still move the ball with your mental focus. In this way, you can be mentally prepared at all times. This way, when you do find the time to physically work on your goal, your mind will be ready to go without needing to be warmed up into focusing on this particular objective.

Continuous Visualization of Achievement

Mental focus consists of more than the “I think I can, I think I can” that passes for positive thinking in more quarters. Vague thoughts and fuzzy images aren’t going to get the job done. Do you really, truly, honestly see yourself achieving this objective in full detail?

To make progress on goals every day you need to be able to visualize your success in perfect detail. You need to focus the power of your mind on creating your success systematically in your head. With the path clearly mapped out in your mind, it will be easy to follow your own trail efficiently as soon as the moment arises.

Sound like a fluffy way to avoid work? It’s not. It’s a way to keep warmed up and focused on achievement even if you can’t be in the physical space. It’s also a way to maximize time you might otherwise be wasting.

Stuck on a plane for a business trip? Run through your presentation in your head. Where do you pause? How do you stand? What gestures do you see yourself making during your talk? Does it look exactly like you want it to in your mind? Fixing it mentally will make your physical practice go more swiftly.

Maybe you can’t sleep after a stressful day because of a big project weighing on your mind. Obviously, you can’t run to the office in the middle of the night, but you can run over the major roadblocks. How do you see yourself working around them? Where do you see yourself asking for help, and how do you make your pitch? Knowing the answers will not only help you sleep more soundly, but also get you off to a running start in the morning.

Concluding Thoughts

Your mind is the ultimate controller of your actions and your goal progression. By harnessing the power of your own mental focus, you can ensure that you make progress every day on your objective. Visualizing your success and working through your roadblocks in your mind will help you execute efficiently and effectively on the ground. Thus, if your mind is wandering and you don’t feel like you are making progress on your goals, focus, visualize, and keep yourself mentally ready to achieve.

~ ~ ~

Use Visualization to Achieve Your Goals Faster

GoalsOnTrack has a cool vision board tool that you can use to do achievement visualization online. Simply upload some pictures for your goals, and whenever you have a few minutes, you can launch the tool and visualize how it looks like when all your goals are accomplished. That’s a great and fun way to reach your goals faster.

Give it a try and visualize your goals today. Find out more >>

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SITE UPDATE: We have recently launched a new feature which allows you to track estimated times on tasks vs actual time spent. It’s a great way to manage your time and plan your day. Please check our blog to learn more.

New feature launched on GoalsOnTrack

We have just launched a new feature for better planning your tasks and managing time for your goals. Now you’re able to track estimated time vs. actual time spent on tasks.

The benefit of estimating time on tasks is that you will have a better understanding of how long you need to spend on your goals on a daily basis, and by comparing the total time spent with estimated time, you will see how disciplined you are in managing time for your goals.

To use this new feature, it’s very simple. First when you create a task, you can give it an estimated time value for how long it may take.


Then when you work on the task, you will see on dashboard the actual vs. planned time for each task.


Then in “Stats Today” section, you can see how much time you scheduled for the day, and what your progress is, in terms of both hours progress and task completion progress.


Hope you find this feature useful. Please let me know if you encounter any problems with it or have any suggestions.