How to Sync GoalsOnTrack with Outlook Calendar

If you use Outlook, you may want to check out a new feature we’ve recently added. It’s the iCalendar feed for your goal’s active tasks. With iCalendar feed, you can easily sync your tasks with a program that supports iCalendar data format, such as Outlook, Yahoo Calendar, etc.

To use iCalendar feed for your goals, first go to the “Goals” page, and click on the “iCalendar” link at top right of goal section. This is a “webcal://” link, which is recognized and is usually associated with Microsoft Outlook by default.

Once you click on this link, Outlink will automatically try to add it as a calendar. Click yes to continue and then you will see all the active tasks for your goals are shown in your Outlook Calendar. Because it’s an iCalendar feed, every time you update tasks for that goal, the changes will show up in Outlook as well.


However, please note that the iCalendar feed uses an automatic login mechanism, so make sure you do not publish that webcal link where you don’t want other people to see your goals and tasks.

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6 Responses to “How to Sync GoalsOnTrack with Outlook Calendar”
  1. Michael says:

    I ve found some issues:

    1 – It doesn’t work with Google Calendar. When i add calendar from url, new added calendar is empty in google calendar window.

    2 – In Sunbird, all tasks are shown, even already done tasks.

    3 – this feature provides only one way synchronization, it would greatfull to have two way sync

  2. Ame says:

    Hi Harry!

    LOVE the site!
    How can I get it to work with Yahoo calendar? What are the steps to take?

  3. Harry Che says:


    It’s a well know issue with Google Calendar that many third party iCalendar feeds can’t be correctly synced, even though they’re all correctly formatted. We’re keeping a close eye on the latest updates from Google in this regard and hopefully get it resolved soon.

    I’ll look into the Sunbird problem you’ve mentioend and find out exactly what needs to be fixed. Thanks for the feedback.

  4. Harry Che says:


    Currently Yahoo doesn’t support syncing with iCalendar feed. However, you may try importing CSV file from the “Options” page in Yahoo Calendar application.

  5. Hi Harry,

    Great product, I can see we’ll start using it. However, we use a product called Time & Chaos to manage our contacts/tasks/appointment… If we wanted to use GoalsOnTrack and integrate this with the calendar function of Time & Chaos (which I believe can use .csv format), do you think this would be possible or would you ever think of adding this at a later stage?



  6. Harry Che says:


    Does that software you are using can import/sync with iCal format? That’s a much better way to integrate than .csv.

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