Top 5 Reasons to Set Goals

Why Should I Set Goals?

The fact is that goal setting works! Research studies have shown a direct link between goals and enhanced performance in both sports and business.

  1. Goals can give you a target to aim for. We work and feel better when our success mechanism is fully engaged going after clear targets. Goals provide your success mechanism with clear targets of your own choosing based on what is most important to you.
  2. Goals can help you concentrate your time and effort. One major time management challenge we are facing today is that there are more things available for us to do than anyone could possibly attempt, let alone accomplish, in an entire lifetime. If we are not careful, it is very easy to diffuse our time and energy with many different trivial pursuits, aimless distractions, and general busyness.
  3. Goals can provide motivation, persistence and desire. Any major accomplishment requires motivation and persistence. Where does this motivation come from? It comes from your desire and purpose, from the reasons why you want to accomplish it. Goals can help you remember your “big why” when you need to pick yourself up and keep going in the face of adversity.
  4. Goals can help you establish priorities. You will find many forks in the road between where you are now and where you want to be. Instead of just going with the flow and letting the “current” or other people’s interests determine where you end up, you have to consciously decide which way to go.
  5. Goals can provide a roadmap to take you from where you are to where you want to be. A well crafted strategy with an accompanying set of intermediate goals provides a framework to reach far away targets. One of the best ways to deal with large or seemingly “impossible” tasks is to break them up into a series of intermediate achievable steps and get to work on each piece.

There are many other great reasons to set goals, but I believe the above five are good enough for anyone to get serious about goals.

To set goals effectively, you will need good tools. GoalsOnTrack is such a web-based goal achievement tool you can use to set and accomplish any goals. We’re always improving and adding new features to the software to help people achieve goals faster.

Please try out our SMART goal setting software today and you will achieve more goals than ever before.


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  1. Without focus and direction we are lost.

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